Alex may be one of the hottest dudes in the school, but don’t let his Magic Mike presence fool you. He’s like the Hulk, at least now. He used to be a jock, and I, for damn sure, didn’t want him in it at first, but he showed me what he could do. Kick ass.

—Trae Ventura, The Mafia

Alejandro "Alex" Gustavo Herrera is a major character in The Savages. He is introduced as the fourth and original member of The Savages, and a junior at James A. Masters High School. Alex, originally born in New York, comes from a rough background which enhanced his aggressive personality. 

Trae describes him as physically attractive yet very scary, which encouraged him to appoint him in the group. Throughout the series, Alex appears very loyal to his clique and his friends. When others confront his friends, he takes initiative to attack and defend his own. Despite his aggression, he's very down-to-earth, sensitive and often lively. Once he meets Gina, he has a change of heart.

He is portrayed by Alex Meraz and is based on ChiefAlejandro.

Biography Edit

Alex Herrera was born and raised for the first few years of his life in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. When he turned four, his family moved to Seattle, Washington. Alex grew up in a family with his parents Armando and Maria, and three older siblings, Roberto "Robbie" (26), Isabella "Izzy", and Fernando "Fernie" (19). His family is very argumentative, leading to constant battles between each other.

It is revealed in The Wild Ride that Alex attended Children's Academy Elementary School during pre-school and shared Ring Pops together in Ms. Hayes' class with Gina Woods.

Two years before joining the Savages, Alex dated a girl named Marisol, who left him behind when she moved to California. This effected Alex heavily, as she is all he used to bring up when someone talked about love. Also before joining the Savages, Alex was the Quarterback of the James A. Mathers High School football team. After a physical altercation with another student that had to be broken up by a teachers, and a subsequent trip to Principal Rose De Vil's office, Alex was suspended and removed from the team and replaced by Rufus King.

During his suspension, Alex's originally altruistic personality dramatically shifted into an aggressive one. Once Alex returned to school, he no longer associated with those he once had, opting to join Trae Ventura's clique, The Savages.

Storyline Edit

Alex is introduced as an original and fourth member of The Savages. According to Trae, who took him under his wing, he was originally a jock for the Redhawks. However, he lost his quarterback position and was replaced with Rufus King, shortly after a physical altercation that got him suspended in sophomore year. In the present, Alex stands by Trae's idea to recruit new members into their clique. Alex mostly defends Trae and the Savages from rival cliques, particularly The Moneybags, who provoke the group in the cafeteria. When Trae introduces The Savages to new member Gina, Alex becomes immediately infatuated and is willing to get to know her.

Alex and Gina develop a bond, where he reveals his insecurities after being a jock and his jealousy towards Rufus. As the two get to know each other, Gina's attitude towards him shifts when Sydney tells Gina that she's dating him. Alex, however, is oblivious to this situation until Trae explains Sydney's intentions to him later on. Alex takes Trae's advice that he should give Gina space before pursuing her, but his interests in her take a toll on him, especially with Gina's silence. (The Mafia, The Devil's Protégé)

The Boomerang Effect

Alex is first seen in this episode when Trae tells him and Sydney the rumor about Kyler and Alyssa dating, to which Alex states that Kyler would've gone to jail. Alex is mentioned in a conversation between Gina and Trae when Gina says that it isn't that she doesn't like him, she just doesn't trust boys like him. Alex is next seen in Algebra II class with Nate and Sydney when the announcement about the new dress code is made. Alex says that it's total bullshit, and people should be able to dress how they want. Alex is next seen squaring off against Felix, who says that he is more bark than bite and that is why he got kicked off the football team. Alex begins yelling at Felix in Spanish, and takes off his jacket, preparing to fight. He continues to berate Felix while Trae tries to calm him down. Once Trae gets Alex to listen, Alex begrudgingly apologizes and stops trying to fight Felix.

The next day, Alex is standing in the hallways watching Gina from afar. Carl confronts him, stating that he looks kind of creepy. Alex is upset because Gina will not speak to him. Carl tells Alex that Gina is probably over it, and tells him to act natural. Alex tells Carl that he stood outside Gina's home a few nights prior, and was throwing rocks at her window so she could see the flowers he brought her. However, it began to pour rain. Alex left, discouraged. Joe walks up to the two and ponders if Alex is trying too hard. Alex gets angry, but Carl calms him down. Marisol, Alex's ex-girlfriend is brought up, and Carl ends the conversation. Carl and Joe leave. As they do, Alex imagines himself singing Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and watches Gina in the hallways. As he sings, the two are in their Spanish class together and Alex imagines himself jumping up on the desk and the rest of the class cheering and singing along as Gina smiles. However, the bell rings and Alex realizes that he was daydreaming. He continues to sing in his mind, and he jumps in front of her during his next daydream, and Gina smiles largely. However, he realizes that it was all a dream as she walks away to her next class. After his song ends, Alex states that he has to get Gina.

The next day, Alex approaches Gina at her locker. When she drops her belongings, Alex helps her pick them up. Gina thanks him, and attempts to leave, but Alex calls out for her to stop. Gina asks if he is going to ask her out again, and Alex says no, but then admits he wants to. Gina calls him a lover-boy and tells him to try again, and Alex tells her that he isn't just a player, he tells her he is a normal guy. Gina says she is just a girl who knows about boys who want to play around. Gina walks off, and Alex yells to her that he will prove her wrong. She tries to hide her smile and her blush as she leaves. Alex is next seen watching Trae and Zachary's duet of Ratchet Commandments with the rest of The Savages.

Later on, Carl and Alex talk about how Alex is still not acting natural and he is trying too hard to impress Gina. Carl tells Alex that he has to do more than show manners or try to impress Gina, he has to show her who he really is, and Alex states Carl is probably right. Alex is next mentioned at the assembly with The Savages, acting excited to pump the group up. Alex performs with the rest of The Savages during Run This Town. After the performance, Alex and Gina both gasp upon seeing the video of Vik and Brian.

The next morning, Alex meets Gina at her locker, and he asks if they can talk. Gina agrees, and Alex apologizes for being creepy over the past couple of weeks. Gina accepts, and the two both share their stories about being hurt by significant others in the past. Gina states that her last boyfriend decided that she wasn't pretty enough, and Alex tells her she is pretty. After a silence, Alex tells Gina how his last girlfriend, Marisol, abandoned him. Alex and Gina decide to restart their friendship, reintroducing themselves to each other, and make plans to go with the rest of The Savages to the movies that week. Alex walks off after winking, and Gina smiles. The two depart, with their renewed relationship seeming to be romantic on both ends now.

The Feminist Manifesto

Alex first appears in this chapter at the movies with some of the other Savages, volunteering to go to the snack line with Gina while the rest of the Savages get seats. While the two wait in line, they converse jokingly, with Alex showing off his physique to Gina and her smiling back. Alex is happy that the two are interacting. Alex seems to have taken Carl's words to heart, and is taking things slow by taking small steps. After Alex and Gina get the food, Gina is sexually harassed by two other guys at the movies and Alex steps in to defend her. Gina is appreciative, but tells Alex she is frustrated with how guys always seem to think that they have power over girls. Alex tells Gina to take a stand and that he will support her no matter what. Alex takes the opportunity to show off his guns once again.

Alex watches Carl and Rufus are talking. He does not hear what the two say, leading to him asking Carl in their Chemistry class together. Once Carl tells him Rufus wants to join, Alex is immediately angry and against the idea, blaming Rufus for taking his spot on the team. Carl asks Alex to give him a chance. Alex remains stubborn. Later on, when the Savages accept Rufus, Alex is seen as being angry.

After that, Alex and Carl are interviewed on what feminism means to them. Alex says that he believes women can do whatever they want to, and that they are severely deprived of their rights in America. After school that day, when Rufus is getting to know a few of the Savages, Alex makes a point to stand apart from him, electing to stand with Carl. Alex complains about how Rufus thinks he fits in with the Savages now, leading to Carl telling Alex he doesn't know how to let things go, and that Alex needs to give Rufus a chance. Alex is surprised at the tough love from his best friend, but concedes and watches from a distance.

The Wild Ride

Alex is first seen in this episode in Carl's dream sequence of Nude Beach A Go-Go, where he is seen along with Trae singing backup for Gina.

Alex is next seen entering James A. Mathers High School and heading for his locker. He is mentioned as being hopeful that he will see Gina and also annoyed about Rufus having joined the Savages. Alex grabs his belongings and begins to leave when he runs into Trae, who confronts him about the money he owes him from the movie trip in The Boomerang Effect. Alex reminds Trae that he promised he would pay him back, and Trae accuses Alex of spending the money to impress Gina. Alex states he did it to be nice, and Trae tells Alex that he never does anything just to be nice, and Alex thinks of a few instances, but realizes that it wasn't actually anything helpful. Suddenly, Alex realizes Trae is watching Joe. Alex tells Trae that he doesn't like or trust Joe at all. Trae tells Alex that if something isn't Pamela Anderson's boobs or Taco Bell, Alex doesn't like it, which Alex says is racist. Trae wonders if Joe is the reason Nate has been acting bratty for the last few weeks, and Alex states that Nate has always been bratty. Trae mentions that he finds Joe cute, and Alex makes a joke about Trae being crazy. Trae mentions he will be crazy if he doesn't get his money. Trae chases Alex off, with Alex jokingly mentioning that he hates Trae sometimes.

Alex is next seen in the courtyard with the rest of The Savages after school. Carl discusses how upset he feels, talking about how he hasn't felt this bad since Justin Timberlake left N*SYNC, to which Alex replies that Carl should get over it. Carl reminds Alex about Marisol, and Alex holds in his emotions. While the Savages talk about going on the road trip, Alex stays quiet, but throws some major shade at Rufus when Rufus complains about not being able to go due to football practice. Alex mentions that it will be nice to not have to deal with The Moneybags for a day, and Sydney brings up something that happened in their Algebra class.

In a flashback, Alex, Sydney, & Nate are in Ms. Stansfield's Algebra class as she freaks out, throwing her items around. A student asks Alex if she is crazy, to which Alex shrugs.

Later, Alex and the rest of the Savages are waiting for Carl to drive up in the van. Once Carl arrives, Alex and Trae fight for shotgun, but Trae wins, and Alex submits, choosing to sit next to Gina. On the ride there, Alex and Trae double check that Carl knows where he is going. Trae then puts on a song that Alex doesn't know. Once Trae and Gina start singing Ready Or Not/Ready Or Not, Lily and Alex join in as well, leading the Savages in song. After a while, Trae begins to get upset with the group since he hasn't eaten, especially since Alex, Lily, and Zachary are singing Problem loudly. The group stops at a gas station.

After The Savages leave the gas station, Alex ponders if there is a Taco Bell nearby, and is met with rude looks. When The Savages are stranded, at first, Alex freaks out with the rest of the group, but feels guilty after his outburst. He later comforts Carl, telling him that everything will be alright.

That night, Gina is sitting alone at a fire that the group made for warmth and light. Alex joins her, offering her cookies and a hoodie, and the two begin to converse. Gina thanks Alex again for defending her at the movies in The Feminist Manifesto, and states she isn't used to guys defending her in that way. Alex tells her maybe she hasn't met the right guy. Gina tells Alex the only guy she ever thought was kind to her was a Hispanic boy in preschool with nice hair. She states that Alex reminds her of the boy, and says he was a sweetheart who shared Ring Pops with her. Once she tells Alex what school it was, Alex tells her he went there as well for Preschool, and he tells her who his teacher was. When Gina reveals that she had the same teacher, the two shockingly realize that they have known each other for years.

Later on at The Rave, Alex is excited to be out in the real world, and enjoys drinking alongside the rest of The Savages. He sits at the bar with Trae, Zachary, Sydney, and Lily and watches as Gina gets drunker and drunker. Trae gets angry and Lily shirks the blame, so Alex steps up and picks Gina up from the table, while Gina calls him Hercules. Alex gets Gina water and tries to get her to drink it, though she fights him, saying she wants Jell-O pudding. When Sydney tries to get Gina to drink the water, Gina slaps her, and Alex pulls Gina back from the impending fight. Alex continues to try to calm Gina down, but she eventually vomits. Alex helps her while everyone else leaves and comforts her while she cries over wanting Jell-O pudding.

At 10PM, The Savages leave The Rave and Alex carries Gina to the van. As Alex puts Gina inside, she begins to flirt by saying he is strong. He tells her just to rest, but she asks if Alex wants a taste of her pudding. Alex says no, and she continues to try. Alex fights to get Gina into the van, eventually succeeding. During the chase by the antagonists of the episode, Alex finds himself holding Gina while she sleeps. He is last seen in the episode holding her as the group is pulled over by the police.

The School For Scandal

Alex takes over as narrator in the beginning of this episode and is first seen being driven home from the police station after the events of The Wild Ride by his mother, Maria Herrera. Maria is furious and is yelling at Alex in Spanish, so Alex tunes her out and begins to think about Gina, hoping she is okay. Realizing that his mother is still distracting him, Alex begins to think about his life before the Savages - specifically his childhood.

Alex reveals that he was born and raised for the first few years of his life in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. However, his parents Armando and Maria realized that New York was too dangerous for their family and relocated to Seattle, Washington. Alex mentions that his older brothers and sister, Robbie, Fernie, and Izzy, have always fought and brought their parents into their fights, causing Alex to always try and tune out the angry Spanish. Alex realizes how dramatic his family is before coming back to reality, where his mother asks him if he understands everything she has said. He agrees, and the two continue home.

The Monday after the road trip, Alex gets ready for school and goes downstairs to see his parents and sister, Izzy, eating breakfast. The three tease Alex about getting in trouble with the police, which annoys Alex. Alex's parents explain that they just worry about him and want him to do good things, but he wonders what about what he wants to do. Alex begins to leave and Maria tells him that his cousin from Los Angeles is coming, so he better not think about heading out after school. Alex wonders which cousin, and his mother confirms that it is Andres, which annoys Alex since Andres typically brings trouble with him. Alex protests, but his mother reminds him that Andres' mother's breast cancer has returned. Alex begrudgingly agrees to be friendly.

Alex is mentioned during Watermelondrea and The Savages conversation, when Carl asks Watermelondrea if she speaks Alex Herrera after she speaks in Spanish.

Before his second period, Alex is seen at his locker very frustrated with his situation and is very angry. As he takes his binder out, he hears his name, and reacts angrily. When he sees that it is Gina, he apologizes and tells her he is having a bad morning. Gina asks if he is okay, and he says he is having family issues. He then asks if she is okay from all the drinking the weekend before. Gina doesn't remember most of the night's events, but Alex begins to tease her, reminding her of the things she said and telling her that she cannot hold her liquor. Gina worries that she gave Alex a bad impression, but he tells her she continues to impress him. Gina blushes and Alex tells her he has to leave for his class, and the two separate. Gina begins to sing Fallen as she watches Alex through the window of his classroom.

Alex is next seen with the rest of the Savages discussing the Brian and Slick Vik video. Alex mentions that the video could have negative effects on the two getting into college.

After school, Alex returns home and is greeted by his mother and his cousin Andres. Andres seems genuinely happy to see Alex, but Alex is reserved. Maria insists that Andres go to school with Alex for the week, and Andres agrees. Andres says his girlfriend will be in town the next day, and thanks Maria for her hospitality. Maria states that they are family, and asks Alex if he agrees. Alex is angry, but holds his tongue and agrees. He leaves to go to his room to get away from everyone.

The next day, Alex is about to talk to Gina at her locker when Andres approaches him. Andres brags about how much all the teachers love him and Alex half-heartedly keeps up with the conversation. Andres asks if Alex is going to dinner that night and Alex says he has no choice. Once Andres leaves, Alex narrates to the audience that he may seem like a dick for how he is treating Andres, but trouble always follows Andres around. Alex says his main focus is Gina, and though he has his doubts, he wants to tell her how he feels about her. Alex goes to speak to Gina, but she is already gone. He states that he isn't sure if he can handle Andres for weeks, months, years, but he will just have to see what happens.

That night at Alex's house, Alex finds Andres in his bedroom playing his XBOX. Alex wants to confront Andres, but is trying to hold on to the "Herrera Hospitality". Alex and Andres have a conversation where Andres barely pays attention and Alex is mostly hostile. Suddenly, Alex gets a call from Gina and takes it. Gina invites Alex to eat with her and Zachary, but Alex tells her that there is no way he is getting out of family dinner. The two end their conversation and Alex and Andres go down for dinner. Andres begins to talk about his girlfriend to his aunt, uncle, and two cousins, stating that she is beautiful and they have been dating for a while. Alex's parents start telling him he should start dating and talk about how much they liked his last girlfriend, but they can't remember her name. Suddenly, Andres' girlfriend is there and Andres goes to open the door for her. The Herreras are waiting and Alex is smiling to be friendly, until he realizes that Andres' girlfriend is his ex-girlfriend, Marisol. Marisol is also shocked to see Alex. Alex is immediately angry.

Later, Alex is still angry but Marisol and Andres discuss how they met and how happy they are together. Marisol gets along well with Maria and Armando, but Alex is openly hostile and leaves to go to his room. While he is washing his plate, Andres confronts him in the kitchen, and Alex finally loses his cool. Alex tells Andres that Marisol is his ex-girlfriend and that Alex introduced her to everyone two years ago at a family reunion. He also says that Andres is always the good guy and makes Alex into the bad guy - that it's a punishment for Alex to be around Andres. Andres says he will leave right then and Alex says he doesn't care, then goes to his room.

In Alex's bedroom, he is sitting on the bottom bunk of his bed. He hears a knock, and tells the person to go away. Marisol says she isn't leaving without talking to him. Alex says wasn't she leaving to LA again? Marisol gets Alex to let her in and mentions that she never forgot his obsession with comic books, stating that a Spider-Man comic was the birthday present he gave her - and he thought it was the best he would ever give her. Alex ignores the comment and asks her what she wants. Marisol says she doesn't want animosity between her and Alex over her relationship with Andres. Alex is bitter and asks her why she cares about his feelings now. Marisol says she always has, and Alex scoffs, saying that she left him behind and completely ignored him, he thought she was dead, and now she is back in his house, baking cakes, and everything is supposed to be okay? He isn't supposed to be angry? Marisol says she didn't say that, and Alex says that his family may think he's being an asshole to Andres, but maybe he has a reason to be one to both Andres and Marisol. Marisol states that Alex doesn't have a reason to be angry with her, it's been two years and the distance was too much. She states that she is sorry that she didn't reach out to him, but LA is full of new things and she has a life too. Alex tells her that it wouldn't have hurt her to tell him anything and to not completely forget him. Alex says he isn't mad that she's dating Andres, he's mad that she could do the same thing to his cousin. Marisol says that Alex just needs to cut Andres a break. Marisol tells Alex she wants to leave Seattle with closure, and doesn't want Alex to hate her. Alex tells her he doesn't hate her, that he can't stop talking about her and annoying everyone else. Marisol tells Alex she's talked about him to Andres without telling Andres who he was, and Andres told Marisol about how much he loves visiting Alex more than anyone else, calling him his favorite cousin. Alex tells Marisol it takes time to forgive, but the two are on okay terms for now. The two hug and as Marisol leaves, Alex lies down in bed. He realizes that he has now removed his worst baggage from his life and knows that if Marisol can move on and be happy with someone else, he can take that chance with Gina.

The next day, Alex pulls Carl and Trae into the bathroom to talk about his cousin Andres. The two both vividly remember the trouble Andres put them through, but Alex continues with his story. Alex tells them Andres is staying with him and that he got into it with him, so they aren't talking. Alex tells the two that Andres is dating Marisol, which shocks both of them. Trae tells Alex he is from Philadelphia and he can take care of Andres, but Alex says he doesn't care about that, he is more interested in pursuing Gina now. Carl tells him to do it, but Alex says he has been trying - however Andres has been making it harder for him to do so. Carl discusses how he isn't lucky with love right now and tells Alex and Trae that he is looking for temporary flings before anything happens with Kyle. Trae then mentions that he thinks Zachary is mad at him, and tells Alex and Carl that Zachary caught him kissing Joe. Alex and Carl are grossed out still and wonder if Zachary might like Trae. The three begin to wonder if Joe is behind the Brian and Slick Vik video scandal in order to break up the Savages.

Later, Alex approaches Andres. Andres is still angry over the events of the night before, but Alex tells him that he was just caught in the heat of the moment. Andres tells Alex he doesn't deserve to be judged or hated for dating Marisol, since he didn't know Alex dated her in the past. Alex tells Andres that Marisol told him what Andres said about Alex, and says that it means a lot. Alex says even though he may be annoyed or angry at Andres, he doesn't hate him - he knows Andres has been through a lot with his mother's cancer. Andres tells Alex that he's changed and that he isn't the same person who causes trouble anymore. The two reconcile, and Alex sees Gina. Andres tells Alex to go to her, saying he'll be okay. Alex walks to Gina confidently for the first time in days and the two both share excitement as the conversation starts. Alex asks Gina on an official date, and she says she was thinking the same thing. Alex tells her that they are alike, and the two are silent while they realize how close they are to each other. Suddenly, Alex leans in and begins to kiss Gina. Gina closes her eyes, and both of them feel the connection between them. The two realize that this is exactly where they want to be, and there is an equal amount of passion in the kiss. Alex pulls back, happily shocked, and Gina exclaims, feeling the same way. Alex tells Gina he has to get to class, and Gina tells him to do that as she falls against the lockers, lovestruck once more.

Alex is seen last in the episode in Mr. Lee's Chemistry class along with Carl and Zachary, where he joins in on the group number of Troubeaux, which ends the episode.

Appearances (11/16)Edit

Season One (8/8)
Season Two (3/8)

Songs Edit

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Teenagers The Mafia Carl, Gina, Joe, Nate, Sydney and Trae
Run This Town (Episode Version Only) The Boomerang Effect Gina, Sydney and Trae
Nude Beach A Go-Go (Backup) The Wild Ride Gina and Trae
Young, Fresh N New Carl, Gina, Joe, Lily, Nate, Sydney, Trae, and Zachary
Ready Or Not/Ready Or Not Gina, Lily and Trae
Troubeaux The School For Scandal Gina, Trae, & Zachary
Complicated The Psychological Warfare Sydney & Carl
We're Not Gonna Take It The Beast Unleashed Sydney, Gina, Lily, Trae & Carl
Unreleased songs

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Two
Song Episode Solos with
Everybody Wants To Rule The World The Alibi Carl, Gina, Sydney and Zachary
Secrets The Scarlet Letters Carl, Sydney and Zachary
The Powers That Be The Powers That Be Gina and Sydney
We Run This The Glamazons vs. The Savages Alyssa, Claudia, Gabe, Iesha, Joe, Kalleb, Lily, Rufus, Sena, Sis, Sydney, Trae and Vik
Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary The Third-Degree Burns Carl, Gina and Sena
Heathens The Third-Degree Burns Carl, Gina, Nate, Trae and Zachary

Trivia Edit

  • Alex is one of the five original members of The Savages.
  • Alex is the fifth person to join The Savages.
  • Alex is the only member of the original five Savages to have been a part of the Jock clique.
  • Alex has Ms. Stansfield's Algebra II class with Sydney and Nate, Mr. Lee's Chemistry class with Carl and Zachary and Ms. Ortiz's Spanish I class with Gina.
  • Alex is the only member of the Savages to have joined after being kicked out of another group.
  • Alex is, at the moment, the only Hispanic member of The Savages.
  • Alex is the only member of the Savages to have a family member join the student body (Andres, his cousin joins the school in The School for Scandal.)
  • Alex is the character with the most family members introduced in an episode with his cousin Andres, parents, and two of his siblings making their first appearance in The School for Scandal.
  • Alex is the first character and first member of The Savages to have older siblings introduced.
  • As such, Alex is also the Savage with the most relatives on the show at the moment.
  • Alex is the first character to be revealed as being from another state originally.


Sorry doesn’t really help, you know? Sometimes you have to let go of the past and move on to the future. Without me, I know the football team will lose.

—Alex Herrera, The Mafia

Marisol is different, okay? Marisol dumped me because she wanted to move to Los Angeles with her Chihuahua. It still breaks my heart.

—Alex Herrera, The Devil's Protégé

Tú eres un hijo de puta! Te voy a dar una paliza. Peleo gente. Estas molesto y grosero. No me gusta. Estoy loco, amigo. Estoy loco. No hables basura. No me hagas un puñetazo en la cara, pedazo de mierda!

—Alex Herrera, The Boomerang Effect

What’s feminism to me? Feminism is equality. I support it 100%. I appreciate women—I believe that women can do more than cook, clean, and take care of a child. I believe that they can work and bring in a fair amount of money compared to a man. Women can make a difference, and so can men. You see, if women were pretty much able to do certain things, they could have more respect, but women are always deprived of their rights to America, and it’s ridiculous.

—Alex Herrera, The Feminist Manifesto

Well, what about when I let you borrow my Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape? What about the Kanye West album I gave you in freshman year? Okay, maybe I haven't done any nice things in particular.

—Alex Herrera, The Wild Ride

Do you think there's a Taco Bell around this way? Just wondering.

—Alex Herrera, The Wild Ride

You think this is bad? My childhood’s been bad for years—even my family. I respect my mom, but I just wish she would just… shut up. Before I moved to Seattle when I was four, I lived in the worst part of Brooklyn, New York. Bedford-Stuyvesant—you know, where Biggie Smalls resided. Believe it or not, I never noticed how dangerous my life was there, but it wasn’t a life in paradise. I’m talking Papi store robberies…

—Alex Herrera, The School For Scandal

Well, maybe I exaggerated at that point, but my family is like oil and water… every day. Keeping Up With the Herreras, coming to your local televisions this winter. Welcome to my life.

—Alex Herrera, The School For Scandal

Well, besides dancing on top of tables, slapping the hell out of Sydney, throwing up on Nate’s shoes, and asking for Jell-O pudding—Bill Cosby free—nothing extreme.

—Alex Herrera, The School For Scandal

I know you guys may think I’m being a dick to Andres—but there are just some things you may not understand when it comes to him. Sometimes, he starts trouble without even knowing it. In any form or way possible, he does it, but enough of him—my main focus is Gina. Let’s be real, I’m crazy about her, but I still have doubts, you know? A few weeks ago, we agreed to be friends—but I still want to be more than that. We’ve been so close for the past few days, it’s hard denying how much I like her. I would have told her how I felt if Andres didn’t decide to interrupt. I guess it’s like this—I don’t know if I’ll survive these next few days, weeks, months with Andres. Will he be that capable of interfering with my personal life? I’ll expect the unexpected.

—Alex Herrera, The School For Scandal

Instead of complaining about it, maybe we should do something about it. Actions definitely speak louder than words, guys.

—Alex Herrera, The Psychological Warfare

Okay, first of all, that’s racist. Second of all, that’s completely false. Thirdly, don’t ever tell me to shut up again, you hear me?

—Alex Herrera, The Psychological Warfare