Felix Winchester (1998-2015) was a main character and second antagonist on The Savages. He is based on Glee Wiki user NervousShipper and portrayed by Matt McGorry.

Felix was a senior at James A. Masters High School and was the president of The Moneybags, taking the legacy of Andrew McAllister during his sophomore year. He is the son of famous lawyer Kirsten Winchester and father Keith Winchester, both luxurious, making Felix born and raised rich. Throughout the first season, Felix's personality is best described as controversial, pompous and extremely arrogant. He is known for initiating conflicts with other students in cliques with his elitist views and supercilious demeanor. He is against feminism and other students have viewed him as misogynistic, although it's based on his background. He has made enemies with mostly Trae Ventura and The Savages, as well as The Red Hot Cheer Peppers, but has developed a relationship with Dirty Dan before his death.

In Season 2, the concepts are centered around Felix's mysterious death. With his death unknown, his roles are limited during the season and he appears in multiple flashbacks that determine what happened the night he was murdered.

Early LifeEdit

Felix Winchester was born August 20, 1998 in Seattle, Washington, and his parents raised him in a luxurious area ever since. His mother, famous lawyer Kirsten Winchester (neé Adams) married a Vegas entrepreneur Keith Winchester in 1994. Felix was raised by a nanny, and his parents were rarely around to take care of him, hence his bratty, arrogant attitude he grew up with.  When he first attended James A. Masters High School, he and Andrew McAllister became associated with each other, including Sydney Prescott, Cass Everett and Kyler Chase, who developed a clique, The Moneybags during the beginning of freshman year. The clique gained notoriety, eventually after Felix Winchester was elected the current president of the clique sophomore year.

Character DescriptionEdit

Felix is a snobby, elitist, arrogant student with a suave appearance. He's the leader of the Moneybags and he has every reason to flaunt his luxuries.


Trae introduces Felix as the leader of The Moneybags; he makes his debut appearance, meanwhile, in Mr. Baxter's literature classroom, where he ignites a conflict with Joe, Gina and Trae individually about the true concept of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. After making a comment about Jay Gatsby being a selfish and elitist character, Joe and Trae school him on his hypocrisy and Trae proves that Felix's arguments are debatable and not valid, like Felix claims. This debate alone creates another conflict between Trae and The Savages in the cafeteria, where Felix tries to prove that Trae isn't as intellectual, social and wealthy as he is. Later on, Felix continues to harass The Savages. (The Mafia)

For the remainder of the season, Felix continues his animosity towards The Savages, judging them for deciding to rebel against Rose De Vil and her new rules. When the plan goes in effect for The Savages, Felix defends the school staff and the school, but is disregarded by the rest of the student body. His own rebellion and opposite opinions seem to offend other students. Particularly, the students believe that he's misogynistic. When he and The Moneybags comment on women rights, The Red Hot Cheer Peppers argue with him and the clique publicly. Gina, Lily and Sydney all confront him later on when they overhear him say things. Felix simply believes that women belong in the household and men should stay in the workforce. (The Boomerang Effect, The Feminist Manifesto)

A few weeks later, Felix reaches dangerous ground with Trae by disrespecting his mother (although Trae talked about his mother in the first episode), and this causes Trae to attack him. As a result, Trae is suspended from school, but Felix stays and invites all cliques to his house party, one of which is ruined by Brian and Viktor. It also appears that Felix and Dirty Dan are in a relationship. (The Psychological Warfare, The Beast Unleashed)

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