Felix Winchester (1998-2015) was a recurring character on The Savages. He was a student at James A. Masters High School, and he was a member and leader of The Moneybags. Felix was one of the main antagonists, specifically for The Savages. In the Season Two episode, The Alibi, it is revealed he was murdered during his party in the events of The Beast Unleashed

Felix was a controversial, rich student who sparks conflicts with students with his elitist opinions and supercilious demeanor. In the series, he was very anti-feministic and he was against women being in control. Based on his controversial views, many people viewed him as rude and misogynistic, although it's based on his background.

Felix was portrayed by Matt McGorry and was based on NervousShipper.

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Season One (6/8)
Season Two (1/8)

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The Mafia

Felix is first introduced as a member and the leader of The Moneybags; he makes his first appearance, however, in Mr. Baxter's Literature classroom, where he sparks an argumentative debate about the main concept of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. After making a comment about Jay Gatsby being a selfish and elitist character, Joe calls him out for being a hypocrite. As this leads to an argument, Felix feels victimized and believes that his opinions are valid. However, Trae proves that his argument is debatable, and this annoys Felix.

Meanwhile, in the cafeteria, Felix, along with The Moneybags, decide to confront Trae and The Savages, insulting them. After Trae retaliates, Felix assumes that Trae's intelligence is weaker than his. Seconds later, Felix gives unusual glances at Sydney, to whom he attempts to correct her grammar. After Sydney makes a hilarious response, Felix ends the confrontation. Two days later, Felix and the Moneybags approaches The Savages once more and makes a sarcastic, facetious truce. However, while Trae confronts him, making a lecture, Felix becomes embarrassed when Trae calls his mother out, claiming that his mother was a prostitute before she was rich. Felix makes the decision to depart from The Savages's proximity.

The Devil's Protégé

At the James A. Masters High School's first football game of the year, Felix makes a brief appearance with The Moneybags - He criticizes the Redhawks for their weak performances in the football games, betting Cass $20 that the Redhawks that they won't win.

The Boomerang Effect

Felix overhears The Savages deciding to revolt against Rose De Vil's superfluous rules. While he and The Moneybags approach The Savages, he makes a Martin Luther King, Jr. reference to their motives. After individually confronting the members, he continues to insult Trae, who carelessly responds. The Moneybags decide to exit from The Savages's direction, and Felix makes a snide comment towards Alex, which forces him to lash out in Spanish. Felix, meanwhile, is seen while Trae and Zachary perform Ratchet Commandments.

After a myriad of students continue to act insubordinate and disrespectful towards the teachers - as a way to revolt against the rules - Felix defends the teachers, demanding the students to leave Mr. Baxter alone. However, his response is disapproved of by the students in the classroom.

The Feminist Manifesto

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