Fucked My Way Up To The Top
Released: TBA
By: Lana Del Rey
Sung by: Rose De Vil
Place: Strip Club
Episode: The School For Scandal

Fucked My Way Up To The Top by Lana Del Rey is featured in The School For Scandal, the sixth episode of The Savages. It is sung by Rose.

Lyrics Edit

Life is awesome, I confess
What I do, I do best.
You got nothing, I got tested
And I passed, yes.

Lay me down tonight in my linen and curls
Lay me down tonight, Riviera girls.

I fucked my way up to the top,
This is my show.
I fucked my way up to the top,
Go, baby, go.


  • This is the first time Rose sings on The Savages.
  • This is Rose's first solo.
  • This is the first time a faculty member sings.
  • Since this song is performed in 1996, this is chronologically the first song performed in The Savages.

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