Gina Woods is a main character on The Savages. Gina is a series regular.

Gina, a major overachiever and school brain, is encouraged by Trae to join The Savages. Because of Trae's manipulation, she is convinced that the school isn't acknowledging her college potential. Despite her pessimistic yet calm and nice persona, Trae helps her find her "true Savage."

She is portrayed by Logan Browning and is based on GinaSays16.

Biography Edit

It is revealed in The Wild Ride that Gina attended Children's Academy Elementary School during pre-school and shared Ring Pops together in Ms. Hayes' class with Alex Herrera.

Before joining the Savages, Gina was a shy and intelligent student at James A. Masters High School. After her best friend, Trae Ventura, convinced her to join the Savages, she found herself completely made over into a badass version of her former self.

Storyline Edit

Gina is introduced as Trae's best friend and support; she makes her first appearance in a heated debate in Literature class about the novel The Great Gatsby, where she questions Vik about his reading credibility. She becomes impressed by an opinion on the novel by Trae, who later on convinces Gina to join his group The Savages. Despite her prudish, uptight personality, she becomes open-minded to the idea of joining the group despite disagreement from vice president Sydney. She joins primarily due to her belief that teachers and faculty do not appreciate the students who work for their education. Gina, then, gets a makeover from Sydney and a few lessons from Trae and Carl Touché on how to be tough and rebellious, so much that Gina gets into a physical altercation with a student in the school under Trae's persuasion. Because of this, she succeeds the Savages's expectations and officially becomes a member of the group.

Meanwhile, Gina develops a sudden closeness to Alex, who is immediately infatuated with her. The two bond with each other in a football field, but their potential friendship becomes ruined when Sydney tells Gina that she and Alex are in a committed relationship. Believing that Alex is a womanizer and manipulator, she denies to have anything to do with him. (The Mafia)

Gina is mostly seen around The Savages hanging with them and also witnessing and judging the drama between Trae and Dirty Dan. She also tries to ignore the commotion during the Hollaback Girl performance in the cafeteria. During the football game, Gina comes to Zachary's defense along with the Savages, going against the jocks who antagonize him; at the end of the episode, Gina and Alex share constant glances and she feels bad for ignoring him. (The Devil's Protégé)

Gina continues to play hard to get as she continues her disinterest of Alex, who tries very hard to impress her and reveal that he is interested. She admits to Trae that she isn't angry at him, but she doesn't trust him and other guys as well, because of her past experiences. Her ignorance towards guys leads Trae to the assumption that she could be a lesbian, to which she denies. She also appears glancing at Alex as he performs Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. In hopes of reconnecting with her, he helps Gina with her things when she drops her items. When Alex believes that she's playing hard to get, Gina responds that perhaps she's not talking to the right guy. At the end, Gina performs with The Savages at the assembly gone wrong, and later befriends Alex after telling him about her trust issues. They decide to move forward and start their friendship on a good note. (The Boomerang Effect)

Later on in the season, she tries to define feminism and explain its significance to the audience. In the beginning, when most of the The Savages go to the movies, she becomes impressed with Alex's benevolence. But when Gina is sexually harassed by two guys, X and Rich, Alex immediately comes to her defense and the two call her a thot. While appreciating Alex's motives, she still believes that misogyny in society is an issue. Therefore, this problem leads her to the idea of creating a feminist movement to go against the male dominance at James A. Masters High School. She convinces both Lily and Sydney to join forces with her. The three girls, titled Femme Fatale, come together to confront Felix, who continues to make misogynistic and inappropriate comments about woman. She, Lily, Sydney and the girl student body perform Independent Women, Pt. I to prove their point. Meanwhile, Lily, later on, gives Gina advice on how to defend herself against men. At the end of the episode, Gina reveals very vulnerable information about her life, admitting that her mother was sexually assaulted at 17 years old, which is why she is against men taking control of her and touching her body. The final scene shows where Gina finally reaches justice, after walking near X, the same guy that harassed her. After X continues to flirt and call her names, Gina pretends to give in to him and immediately kneeling him in the crotch and walking away with pride. (The Feminist Manifesto)

As a result of the Femme Fatale performance, Gina, alongside Lily and Sydney are given detention for their antics in the hallway. Although they do not attend school the next day, Gina's main storyline focuses on her growing bond with Alex. When The Savages are stranded in the middle of nowhere after a road trip to Oregon, Alex approaches Gina with Lorna Doone shortbread cookies as they sat near a fire for warmth. Gina thanks Alex for defending her at the movies that night, admitting that she hasn't felt secure with a guy since Kindergarten, where she met a boy who gave her a Ring Pop. The guy, ironically, turned out to be Alex, revealing that they both have history with each other.

Later on, Gina and The Savages join Kyle at his nightclub, The Rave, and Gina becomes intoxicated, to the point of causing a brief altercation with Sydney by throwing water in her face and slapping her. Because of her behavior, The Savages leave the club for her safety. Gina drunkenly asks for Jell-O pudding constantly throughout the episode. During the car chase scene, Gina is sleeping. Until they crash, she wakes up asking for the same thing. (The Wild Ride)

Gina finally starts to give in to Alex, as she slowly contemplates admitting her feelings for him. Before the two finally come to terms with their interests, Gina takes the time to give relationship and romantic advice to Zachary, who reveals that he has a crush on Trae. Aware of Trae's behavior, he tells Zachary to give Trae time to figure out his feelings since he's a helpless romantic. At the end of the episode, Gina and Alex agree to go on their first date, and the two finally kiss, leaving Gina in shock. (The School For Scandal)

A few days later, Gina discovers a behavioral change in Trae and she shows concern when she asks about him to Alex, which then turns into a discussion about who is responsible for the video scandal, assuringly Joe. Meanwhile, Gina tries to stop Trae after he physically attacks Felix at the school. She also agrees to take part in The Savages's first riot against the school. (The Psychological Warfare)

Songs Edit



Solos (In a Group Number)
Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Teenagers The Mafia Alex, Carl, Joe, Nate, Sydney and Trae
Run This Town The Boomerang Effect Sydney and Trae
Independent Women, Pt. I The Feminist Manifesto Lily and Sydney
Young, Fresh N New The Wild Ride Alex, Carl, Joe, Lily, Nate, Sydney, Trae, and Zachary
Ready Or Not/Ready Or Not Alex, Lily and Trae
Troubeaux The School For Scandal Alex, Trae, and Zachary
We're Not Gonna Take It The Beast Unleashed Alex, Carl, Lily, Sydney and Trae

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Two
Song Episode Solos with
Everybody Wants To Rule The World The Alibi Alex, Carl, Lily, Sydney and Zachary