Iesha Bennett is a major character in the fanfiction series, The Savages. She is a student at James A. Mathers High School, and she is a member of The Red Hot Cheer Peppers

Iesha is portrayed by Vine star, Summer "Summerella" Boissiere, but she is not based on any Glee Wiki user.


The Devil's Protégé

Iesha is introduced as a cheerleader in The Red Hot Cheer Peppers, she first appears during an impromptu performance outside of the courtyard. During a physical altercation between Lily and Sena, Iesha yells and roots for Lily to attack Sena. However, Iesha stops when her best friend, Angelika, calls her name.

Meanwhile, Iesha, alongside Angelika, are sent to the principal's office for a conflict with Alyssa Tanner. After Alyssa attacks Angelika, who pushes her down and makes Alyssa cry, Iesha gives Alyssa a light kick, claiming that she deserved it. Iesha is suspended from the school after her contribution in the conflict, but like Angelika, she feels the suspension was biased.

The Boomerang Effect

In this episode, Iesha returns, alongside Angelika, prior to their suspensions. The two are seen teasing and insulting Alyssa's new hairstyle, due to their animosity towards her. Iesha is completely shocked and infuriated as Rose De Vil announces new rules. When Rose announces that girls are not allowed to wear weaves in school, she becomes infuriated.

During The Red Hot Cheer Peppers' routines, Iesha gets into a near altercation with Alyssa after se makes a snide comment towards her, but Angelika stops her from attempting to fight. Meanwhile, during Trae and Zach's performance of Ratchet Commandments, Trae mentions and implies that Angelika and Iesha's friendship isn't real, because they aren't loyal. Iesha shuts this belief down, but she performs and dances along.

In Mr. Baxter's classroom, Iesha's insubordination in the class causes conflict between the students and Mr. Baxter. Iesha carries disdain towards the fact that she and Angelika were suspended, claiming they were suspended unfairly; therefore, she exits the room and encourages the other students to do the same. During the assembly, Iesha interrupts a majority of Rose De Vil's sentences as she addresses the conflicts that are occurring in the school. After The Savages perform, and the video of Brian Gustin and Viktor Nichols is exposed, Iesha is shocked.


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