Joe Bender is the antagonist on The Savages. He was a former member of The Savages in Season One, but was, off-screen, kicked out prior to forcing now-ally Nate Osbourne to leave the group. In Season Two, he and Nate form their own supergroup The Glamazons to take over James A. Masters High School, to which he is a junior in.

in Season One, Joe is best described as a blunt, open-minded, often rude and hot-tempered person, but his manipulative ways make others, especially Nate, consider otherwise. Joe's original motive is to take over The Savages, but his current motive is to take them down. He does this by eventually convincing Nate to quit The Savages, even convince Trae to smoke and spark romance, but other members of The Savages are aware of his suspicious behavior.

After events leading to an altercation between Joe and Trae, in Season Two, he develops a supergroup with former members of every clique to take over the social status by storm.

He is portrayed by Kyle Gallner and is based on Naya Rivera.

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As a child, Joe always had tendencies to be rude and brutally honest, and this caused him a myriad of trouble, forcing him to attend different schools. 

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Solos (In a Group Number)
Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Teenagers The Mafia Alex, Carl, Gina, Nate, Sydney and Trae
Young, Fresh N New The Wild Ride Alex, Carl, Gina, Lily, Nate, Sydney, Trae and Zach
Born To Be Wild Lily and Nate

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  • Joe is the seventh person to join The Savages.

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