Main CharactersEdit

James A. Masters High School student who is the founder and president of the school clique The Savages. Trae is a manipulative, flirtatious, hot-headed, but loyal member of the group, well-known for his flirty ways and his determination to take down the school's policy system. He shares a long-term rivalry with the principal and Felix Winchester. He is also revealed to be the person who leaked the viral video of the jocks.
​A fellow member of The Savages, and Trae Ventura's close friend. Gina was convinced to join the group by Trae, although she comes off as very prudish, outgoing and scholarly. Her attitude shifts, becoming more outspoken and lively. Gina is also Alex's love interest.
Former football player in the Redhawks, currently a member of The Savages after quitting the team. Zachary is somewhat introvert and innocent, but he also faces anxiety issues. He becomes Trae's protege and develops feelings for him.
Joe is a sneaky, manipulative and blunt student who joins The Savages to target Trae and the group by taking them down. He attempts this by taking secretary Nate Osbourne under his wing and encouraging his rude behavior.
Alex is one of the original members of The Savages, joining in its prime, and a former jock. Alex can be very aggressive and willing to provoke someone, but he also has a sentimental side for Gina. He is also a close friend to Trae Ventura and Carl Touché.
Sydney is an original member and vice president of The Savages; she is known as Trae's sidekick in the beginning, but she eventually develops a closer friendship with Lily Blossom after taking her as her protege. She is also quite aggressive and blunt, similar to Alex.
Nate was an original member and secretary of The Savages; he is known for his sassy, fiesty personality and used to be close to Trae and Sydney until he became closer to Joe. Nate eventually quits The Savages under Joe's persuasion.
Lily was an original member of The Red Hot Cheer Peppers and a current member of The Savages; after she was kicked off the team, Sydney Prescott takes Lily under her wing and they become best friends. Despite leaving the team, she still has popularity.
A strict, sarcastic principal of James A. Masters High School, known for her very sneaky behavior and her strict policies. She holds a large rivalry with Trae and The Savages, and eventually gets fired from her job and she is pregnant.
Currently the captain of The Red Hot Cheer Peppers' cheerleading squad; she is Lily's arch nemesis, and she is described as rude, selfish and stubborn to her cheerleading team. She is secretly in an affair with her History teacher, Mr. Baldwin, and she is somewhat close to Iesha Bennett.
Kalleb is an introvert who is not in any cliques; he is, however, part of the tech crew and he is also a hacker and a under-the-table voyeur. He is very loyal to Trae Ventura, to whom he was the accomplice for the video scandal.
Iesha is a member of The Red Hot Cheer Peppers' cheerleading squad. She is very open-minded to getting along with everyone. She can be very inappropriate or over the top, but she is very good at giving advice. She is also revealed to be a computer hacker. She is Sena's frenemy.

Recurring CharactersEdit

The main antagonist of the series; Felix is a member of The Moneybags, a group of rich and wealthy students in the school. He is very cocky, ignorant, misogynistic, and racist, and he is the main rival of Trae Ventura and the Savages. He is allegedly dating Dirty Dan.
​A member of the Jocks; he is one of the victims of the video scandal that was exposed to the school. He was a bully to Zachary and he has a fling with his close friend, Brian.
​Rufus is the quarterback of the Redhawks, a member of The Jocks and a former member of The Savages. He is somewhat lenient and nicer than the others, but he has a one-sided rivalry with Alex Herrera, who despises him for taking his role. He quits The Savages because of his inactivity. He is best friends with Matt Park.
Brian is also a member of The Jocks. He is the other victim of the video scandal that was exposed to school. Although he is still a bully to Zachary, he is more nonchalant and has a fling with Slick Vik. It is also revealed that he is Kalleb's half-brother and was in a fling with Trae.
​Dirty Dan is the leader of The Sexxx Symbols. He is often sleazy, perverted and desperate for sexual affection. He was in a sexual affair with Trae before he became disinterested in Dirty Dan. He is put in the midst of the video scandal and is later arrested for being responsible for it, even though it was Trae and Kalleb.
Coach of the Redhawks' football team, in a secret affair with Rose De Vil.
Trae Ventura's worrisome, supportive mother. Is often very strict on Trae when he doesn't do the right thing.
One of the members of The Moneybags, often the sidekick for Felix Winchester.
The youngest student in the school: 11 year old who is a member of The Red Hot Cheer Peppers. She skipped seven grades. She is very quirky, and is mostly bullied by her teammates for her younger age. 

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