I get it, I’m the quarterback, but I have limits, too.

—Rufus King, "The Wild Ride"

Rufus King is a main character on The Savages. Rufus is the quarterback of the football team, replacing Alex. Rufus is nonchalant and social, despite his one-sided rivalry with Alex. He joins The Savages in The Feminist Manifesto after realizing that he does not have the same interest he once did in football, but still remains on the team as well.

He is portrayed by Luke Bilyk and is based on Slushied4Life.


At this time, not much is known about Rufus's past except for the fact that he transferred from another school and played football in the past.


The Mafia

Rufus is introduced for the first time in this episode. He is mentioned by Trae when Trae is introducing the jocks. Trae introduces Rufus as the quartback, along with his minions, Zachary, Brian, Matt and Viktor. He is next seen in the Cafeteria when the Savages are looking to recruit members, Rufus can be seen sitting with the arm wrestling Jocks on their table. Rufus is next mentioned when Alex is talking to Gina about why he is not on the football team anymore, and is described to Gina as the face of the blame Alex feels about not being on the team anymore. Rufus is last seen cheering for the Savages after they sing Teenagers.

The Devil's Protégé

Rufus first appears in the episode gathered in the circle with the football team. He looks at Zachary and gets concerned about his relationship with the other jocks.

Rufus next appears in the locker room with Zach, Brian, Vik, and Matt. Matt mentions that he & Rufus will be playing "Call Of Duty" all night. Zach asks if he could join but then is quickly insulted. Rufus stands up for Zach to no avail. Rufus then asks if Zach is sure that he doesn't want to come and Zach reiterates as he begins to sing I Don't Want To Be.

Rufus then appears when he and another player help an injured player to the bleachers.

The Boomerang Effect

Rufus first appears during Ratchet Commandments when Trae walks up to him and a girl he was flirting with. After Trae approached the girl, she looked guilty. Rufus noticed this and left her.

Rufus then appears in the school assembly and watches The Savages perform Run This Town. He, along with Matt, look shocked at Brian and Vik when the video of them making out is played during the assembly.

The Feminist Manifesto

Rufus first appears in the locker room with Matt. Rufus tells Matt that he doesn't feel the same about football anymore. Troy, another jock, overhears this and attempts to persuade him to stay. Matt asks if Rufus wants to join the cheerleading team and Rufus declines, saying that he's not gay. He also calls the jocks out for the way they treated Zach, who quit and joined The Savages. Brian & Vik enter and Rufus greets them but they ignore it. Rufus leaves the locker room, contemplating his future with the football team.

Rufus then appears when he approaches Carl in the hallway. Carl thinks Rufus is there to interrogate him on the leaking of Brian & Vik's video but Rufus tells him that he's here to talk to him about potentially joining the Savages. Carl tells Rufus to meet up with all of the Savages tomorrow.

Rufus is then mentioned between a conversation between Alex and Carl during Chemistry class. Alex is completely against the idea of Rufus joining given his animosity towards him after he lost his spot as the quarterback to him. Carl tells him to open up and give him a chance but Alex stays stubborn.

Rufus is then introduced to all of the Savages. Most of them are not feeling him joining (the girls due to feeling like there aren't enough female members & Alex due to his history with Rufus). However, Lily comments that he looks cute. After some convincing, Rufus is accepted into the Savages, much to Alex's chagrin.

Rufus then appears as he tried to get to know the Savages and vice versa. Alex still isn't feeling it but Carl finally calls him out and tells him to stop blaming him for something he had no control over. Carl tells him to give Rufus a chance and Alex stubbornly agrees.

The Wild Ride

Rufus first appears when Carl presents the idea of a school-skipping road trip to the Savages. Rufus declines, saying that he has mandatory football practice. This infuriates Alex, who nonchalantly insults him. This catches Rufus off guard as he still has no idea why Alex dislikes him.

Rufus then appears in the boys' locker room as the rest of the Savages are on their trip. He begins to talk to Matt, who isn't keen to Rufus having joined The Savages. Rufus says it's because he can't handle the pressures of being the quarterback but Matt brushes it off. Rufus gets offended and calls Matt out on his behavior. Matt retaliates by asking Rufus where his friends were then, referring to The Savages. Rufus seems affected by this.

The School For Scandal


  • Rufus is currently the only member of The Savages to hold membership in two cliques at once, as he is a member of The Savages and The Jocks.
  • Rufus is the 10th member of the Savages. He joined in The Feminist Manifesto.
    • He is also, at the moment, the most recent member to join.
  • Rufus is the third Savage to be a jock, after Alex and Zachary.
  • At the moment, Rufus is the only Savage not to have a vocal performance.
  • He was the only Savage not to go on the road trip in The Wild Ride.


Well, I don’t really do or have most of those things, but I’m like the best mascot. I can be like—“Yasss! Legendary! Iconic! Preach, brother! Whoooo!”

—Rufus King, The Feminist Manifesto

Matt, you understand, don’t you? Sometimes, you focus so much on your dreams, you just lose interest. Football was cool and all, but being a Redhawk has changed me.

—Rufus King, The Feminist Manifesto

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