Season 3 of REBELReloaded's fanfiction series, The Savages, was confirmed to air in January 22, 2017 - June 11, 2017.

The third season continues the events of Season 2, but this season focuses on senior year at James A. Masters High. It tackles Trae's abandonment of The Savages and his sudden alliance with Joe Bender and The Glamazons, as well as the revived quest to sabotage Jennifer Gordon's principal status.

The third season has fifteen main roles, with twelve of the characters reprising their roles from the second season, and three recurring cast members promoted to regular cast members: Brittany O'Grady (Maya Hastings), Hayley Kiyoko (Claudia Wu) and Sasha Pieterse (Sis Davenport). Meanwhile, Cameron Diaz (Rose De Vil) would return as a recurring cast member, and Connor Paolo would not return as Zachary Foxx.

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Image Title Original Airdate U.S. Viewers (comments)
Star-S2-Ep1-pic-5-Quincy-Brown 1. "The Boy Who Cried Savage" January 22, 2017

Plot: In the third-season opener, senior year hits and The Savages slowly go their separate ways, making Joe's supergroup all the rage. Alex and Sydney try to figure out Trae's abrupt and shocking agenda after deciding his fate with The Savages. Carl contemplates facing the consequences of killing Eli, while Gina's reputation crumbles while behind bars and Zachary feels at fault. Iesha uses her new relationship with new quarterback Seb to her advantage. Meanwhile, Mike becomes rebellious when Kyler replaces Felix as the leader of The Moneybags, and Lily helps Kalleb and Mike with their new personas.


Cody-christian-returning-to-teen-wolf-ftr 2. "The Trial and Error" January 29, 2017

Plot: Alex tries to revive The Savages without Trae's leadership, but their plan backfires once they realize Carl disappears. Gina's court hearing, meanwhile, goes awry as she hopes for bail for Felix's murder. The Red Hot Cheer Peppers take on their new, fiery cheerleading coach (Nia Long), who sparks a rivalry with Iesha and Angelika. Believing that their relationship feels incomplete, Kalleb tries to impress Sydney by joining the football team. Joe, meanwhile, tries to woo Sena into The Glamazons after her reputation is tarnished by her schoolwide exposé. 


  • I Can Transform Ya by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz (Kalleb)
  • Let The Beat Hit 'Em by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam (The Red Hot Cheer Peppers)
  • Preserve The Sexy by LL Cool J feat. Teairra Mari (Kalleb and Sydney)
  • Locked Up by Akon (Gina)
Gossip-girl-blair-leighton-meester-in-primo-piano-in-un-momento-dell-episodio-treasure-of-serena-madre-140318 3. "The Hunting Season" February 5, 2017

Plot: Alex, Sydney, Lily and Zachary go on the search for a missing Carl, but Trae faces a dilemma when he is forced to neglect The Savages at their time of need. Iesha and Sis vie for the cheerleading captain spot, while Sena is desperate to reestablish her public image. Rose returns back to James A. Masters High School with a new occupation: a guidance counselor, and she makes an unusual deal with Lily. Meanwhile, Nate and Claudia's friendship strengthens as they drift away from The Glamazons.


  • Numb by Linkin Park (Nate)
  • Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper (Trae and Zachary)
  • Cherry Bomb by The Runaways (Sena)
  • Rock Star by Prima J (Iesha and Sis)
DQaP5CoUMAEJf R 4. "The Word of Mouth" February 12, 2017

Plot: Trae's new gossip column with Maya for The Red Onion sparks controversy for his former allies. The Red Onion, also, becomes the center of newfound school rumors, sparking rivalries between The Moneybags and The Glamazons, as well as Lily and Sena, whose sexual affair is exposed. Gina's release from prison is jeopardized by a vicious brawl with her cellmate. Brian competes for the quarterback spot against Kalleb


Jurassic-world-12 5. "The Dishonor Code" February 19, 2017

Plot: ​With Carl still missing, Trae goes on a secret quest to find him, teaming with Carl's father and Sean, Trae's stepfather for a wild ride. Meanwhile, AlexIesha, and Lily are accused of cheating on their SAT exams. To strengthen her résumé, Sydney makes her decision to run for class president, making Zachary her vice president to make his alibi. However, Kalleb feels left out of the equation. Mike joins The Red Onion to focus on his dream of becoming an advertiser, but Maya uses his advantages for the wrong reasons. 


  • Runnin' With The Devil by Van Halen (Carl)
  • That's How You Know/FourFiveSeconds by Nico & Vinz feat. Kid Ink and Bebe Rexha/Rihanna feat. Kanye West and Paul McCartney (Alex, Iesha and Lily)
  • Drive Slow by Kanye West feat. Paul Wall and GLC (Eric, Sean and Trae)
Entertainment-2015-06-hayley-kiyoko-insidious3-main 6. "The 'L' and 'N' Word" February 26, 2017

Plot: When racial slurs take over the school by storm, it urges Trae to seek a new political platform for The Red Onion by using Zachary's father as an example. Meanwhile, Mike becomes Trae's new protégé for the school newspaper. Nate and Claudia's sudden friendship becomes scattered by romantic feelings. Gina faces racism and sexism in prison after being tormented by one of the guards. Sydney blackmails Zachary into turn himself in or keep his alibi. Nate and Claudia's feud with Joe and Trae  jeopardizes the future of The Glamazons.


Dove-cameron-inspiration 7. "The Art of Propaganda" March 5, 2017

Plot: The Savages, sans Trae, come together to protest against Gina's sentence, but Zachary fears the worst. Sydney goes against her ex-boyfriend, GabeKyler and Trae for the class election. However,  as Joe and Trae's secret affair comes to light, Nate and Claudia assist Sydney in sabotaging their opportunities. Rose decides to take matters into her own hands to get her real job back. Maya makes a bold move for The Red Onion that may change the school community forever.


  • Bad Blood by Taylor Swift (Sydney with The Red Hot Cheer Peppers)
  • They Don't Care About Us by Michael Jackson (Trae with James A. Masters High School Students)
  • Standing In The Way of Control by Gossip (Rose)
  • Mystery of Iniquity by Lauryn Hill (Trae)
  • American Oxygen by Rihanna (Gabe, Kyler, Sydney, and Trae)
Theholiday2 8. "The New Independence Day" March 12, 2017

Plot: In the mid-season finale, a shocking twist of events puts Joe and The Glamazons in a neverending sinkhole. Meanwhile, the class election gets intense for SydneyGabe, Kyler and Trae. Meanwhile, Gina's triumphant release from prison resurrects the investigation for Felix WinchesterRose celebrates her first Christmas with her five-month old daughter and Coach Radnor, but their rocky relationship becomes a conflict. Iesha blackmails Sis into leaving town after discovering her dangerous background.


  • Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys (Gina)
  • Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson (Sydney)
  • Disrespectful by Chaka Khan feat. Mary J. Blige (Gina and Rose)
  • I Changed My Mind by Keyshia Cole (Iesha)
  • New Americana by Halsey (The Savages)
KSS-112 9. "The Big, Bad Apple" March 19, 2017

Plot: The Savages's revival continues on a trip to New York for New Year's Eve, but relationships and friendships are still in shambles; Alex and Gina try to find closure in their relationship, while Nate's request to return to The Savages sparks uncertainty with SydneySena and Iesha share the dreams of becoming famous, and they are both given the opportunity to become interns for the Kane Elite modeling industry with modeling mogul, Vivian DeVeaux. Trae and Mike go on a mutual search for journalism opportunities, only to discover a mutual interest in each other. 


  • Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys (The Savages)
  • Video Killed The Radio Star by The Buggles (Mike and Trae)
  • Van Vogue by Azealia Banks (Iesha and Sena)
  • Money Party by Kat Dahlia feat. Polly A (Alex and Lily)
  • Moody's Mood For Love by Amy Winehouse (Mike)
  • Don't Speak/Landslide by No Doubt/Fleetwood Mac (Alex and Gina)
Image 10. "The State of Nature" March 26, 2017

Plot: With The Savages back in effect after winter break, the clique figures out a way to reappoint new positions as Mike and Claudia join the equation, and Zachary backs out. Alex and Gina must fake their relationship after they are both invited to Andres and Marisol's engagement party, where Gina contemplates revealing her darkest moment in prison to Alex. Trae's battle with PTSD worsens when Joe makes a death threat as his sign of revenge. Kalleb finally makes a name for himself as the "womanizer" of the school when Maya and Sydney vie for his affection. Rose relies on The Savages to accompany her on her quest to remove Jennifer  from her job once and for all.


  • New Level by A$AP Ferg feat. Future (The Savages)
  • Brass In Pocket by The Pretenders (Maya)
  • I'm Glad by Jennifer Lopez (Gina and Marisol)
  • Scream by Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson and Nicole Scherzinger (Kalleb, Maya and Sydney)
  • The Boy Is Mine by Brandy and Monica (Maya and Sydney)
  • Love Lockdown by Kanye West (Alex)
  • Monster by Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver (The Savages)
Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 3.10.43 PM 11. "The Theories and Conspiracies We Believe" March 12, 2017

Plot: Trae's symptoms of PTSD are still unknown to The Savages, who believe that his aggressive habits have returned prior to junior year; this gives Iesha and Nate the theory that he is possessed by a demon, so they find an exorcist. Meanwhile, Zachary considers transferring to a different school despite making efforts to reconcile with Trae. Kyler and The Moneybags set up a séance  to bring back Felix from the dead, just to reveal who really killed him. Maya appoints Joe as a staff member for The Red Onion as a part of his plan to seek revenge on Trae. 


  • I Follow You by Melody's Echo Chamber (Zachary)
  • Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve (Trae)
  • New Person, Same Old Mistakes by Tame Impala (The Savages)
W630 back-4484523845539713484 12. "The Kids Aren't Alright" March 19, 2017

Plot: Zachary's life takes a toll on him after leaving The Savages, as he retrogresses and grows into a prescription drug addiction to overpower his anxiety disorder. Feeling the need to change herself, Sydney relies on her archnemesis Watermelondrea for a shocking makeover. Lily and Sena determine the future of their affair, while Gina comes clean to AlexCarl is up for questioning for Eli's murder.


Lyndsy-Fonseca-e1414180218378 13. "The School of Hard Knocks" March 26, 2017

Plot: Once Principal Gordon enforces new rules at James A. Masters High School, the school becomes in jeopardy of closing down after senior year. The SavagesThe Moneybags and Rose De Vil finally make an ultimate alliance with each other to go against Gordon's tyranny. Zachary and Trae supports Carl in his decision to speak when his father is accused of murdering Eli. Kalleb uses his blackmailing skills to get Dirty Dan out of his hair, by taking a page from Trae's book. Iesha gets an opportunity to intern for Kane Elite, and Sena gets jealous.


  • Hard Knock Life/It's the Hard Knock Life by Jay-Z/Cast of Annie (The Savages)
  • Queen Bitchby Lil' Kim (Iesha)
  • Testify by Common (Trae and Zachary)
Dove-cameron-ruby-agents-of-shield-1079103-1280x0 14. "The Blueprint for Disaster" March 12, 2017

Plot: With Trae balancing control of The Savages, The Red Onion and his class presidency, he appoints Alex and Sydney to take over the master plan against Jennifer GordonMaya becomes Joe's latest pawn in his latest vengeance scheme, but she wants out. Zachary becomes Carl's primary support system as his family feuds over his father's sentence. Nate, with the help of Claudia, tries to prove that he's related to the Osbournes. 


  • Losing My Religion by R.E.M. (Carl)
  • Got to Be There by Amerie (Gina)
422964d8-35f6-481f-b1cd-8d8775087c8c 15. "The Grand Exposé, Part I" March 19, 2017

Plot: In the first part of the third season finale, everything comes to the light when Joe and Maya puts The Savages's individual reputations in jeopardy, while also causing Trae to finally break. AlexIeshaKallebLilyRose and Sydney, however, go forth with their mission to sabotage Principal Gordon's future at James A. Masters High. Gina's hope of attending Howard University faces an impossible future. 


  • Platforms by M.I.A. (Joe and Maya)
16. "The Grand Exposé, Part II" March 26, 2017

Plot: After a disturbing breakdown, Trae finally reveals to The Savages that he has PTSD, and he fears that the clique and the entire school may be his trigger. Nate takes matters into his own hands with Joe. The Savages finally begin their mission with Rose De VilMike comes to terms with his feelings to and for Trae, but he places reliance on Gina for advice, in exchange for a networking opportunity after senior year. Sena finds the best tactic possible to return back to the cheerleading team.