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Season Four, Episodes 49-65
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Season Four
The Savages: Vegas Heist
 Season Five of REBELReloaded's fanfiction series, The Savages, was confirmed for a ten-episode season. It was confirmed it would be the series' last season before the film.

Season Five focuses on The Savages' lives after high school and into the real world. Not much has been explained about the direction of the season.

The fourth season has ten main roles. Kyle Gallner (Joe Bender), Cody Christian (Kalleb Banks), and Travis Slotemaker (Brian Gustin) would not return for the final season as series regulars. Leighton Meester (Lily Blossom) returns for the final season as a series regular.



Image Title Original Airdate U.S. Viewers (comments)
1. "The Millennials Are Coming" January 22, 2017

Plot:  With a new student body arriving for the second semester, The Savages realize how much things have changed. Trae becomes pestered by an obsessive student who idolizes him. Joe returns with a new way of life. Lily transfers back to James A. Masters High School and tensions with Sydney arise. Zachary seeks advice from Alex on how to win Trae's affection. Singles:

  • Radio by Lana Del Rey (Trae)
  • Renegade by Styx (Zachary)
2. "The #GangGangGang" January 29, 2017

Plot: '​'​ New cliques and groups within the younger classes gain popularity and The Savages fear their legacy will be overshadowed. Mike's new authority in The Moneybags goes in over his head. Lily and Sena team up to bring The Red Hot Cheer Peppers back in effect. Alex tries to win back Gina.


3. "'The Pressure"' February 5, 2017

Plot: Trae becomes overworked with juggling The Savages, a newspaper and college applications, causing him to crack under pressure. Sydney struggles with helping her mother, former superstar, sober from a her drug addiction. Carl's father goes on trial for possible release from jail. Trae hopes to find his biological father. Singles:

; 4. "The Caged Bird Suffers" February 12, 2017

'Plot: '​'​' Carl considers doing dirty work to help his father get out of jail, and he convinces Alex to join along. Joe decides to reconcile with Trae, who assumes he has bad intentions. Kalleb and Iesha feel isolated from The Savages. Zachary revisits his fling with Brian.


5. "The Blackout" February 19, 2017

Plot:  For the James A. Masters High School's first annual senior lock-in, unfortunate and twisted events occur when a blackout takes a toll on the class. Joe becomes the third wheel in Trae and Mike's relationship. Carl believes Brian is using Zachary for popularity. Sydney and Gina are trapped in the school elevator. Alex, Kalleb, Sena, and Iesha become paranoid by Nate's urban legend stories.


  • Dopeman by Vince Staples feat. Joey Fatts and Kilo Kish (Carl and Trae with Iesha and Sena)
  • Paper Planes by M.I.A. (The Savages)
6. "The Father Knows Best" February 26, 2017

Plot:  Joe decides to help Trae find his estranged biological father, but Stacey is against it. Carl's father is a free man, but his relationship with his own son deteriorates. Brian and Sena find shocking news about their biological parents.


7. "The High School Royalty" March 5, 2017

Plot:  Suddenly conflicted with feelings for Zachary, he contemplates asking him to senior prom. The Savages reflect on their origins. Gina and Alex decide on whether to start anew or come for closure. Mike's ex-girlfriend wreaks havoc for him and Trae. Sena and Lily revel in opportunities for college scholarships. Singles:

8. "The Carrie" March 12, 2017

Plot:  Prom Night comes with tensions and shocks, as Carl and Zachary's relationship strengthens and Trae and Mike's relationship weakens because of Joe. Alex tries to ensure Gina prom king and queen status; Lily uses Rufus for the prom popularity vote. A shocking moment at prom goes viral. Singles:

9. "The Past We Burn and Bury" March 19, 2017

Plot:  In the first part of the series finale, graduation approaches. Trae tries to get in touch with his biological father for graduation as he decides to attend USC with Alex and Gina. Gina and Joe vie for valedictorian status. Alex contemplates making a bold move at graduation. The school faces an unexpected change.


10. "The End" March 26, 2017

Plot: The Savages adapt to life apart and away from high school. Trae, Alex and Gina attend USC, while Sydney returns back to Australia to study abroad. Alex and Gina's engagement sparks concerns, while Joe's stalkerish behavior towards Trae and Mike becomes a problem. Carl and Zachary decide to join the police academy and Kalleb and Iesha begin a relationship at ITT Tech.


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