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 Season Five of REBELReloaded's fanfiction series, The Savages, was confirmed for a ten-episode season. It was confirmed it would be the series' last season before the film.

Season Five focuses on The Savages' lives after high school and into the real world. Not much has been explained about the direction of the season.

The fourth season has ten main roles. Kyle Gallner (Joe Bender), Cody Christian (Kalleb Banks), and Travis Slotemaker (Brian Gustin) would not return for the final season as series regulars. Leighton Meester (Lily Blossom) returns for the final season as a series regular.


Main CastEdit

Guest StarsEdit


Image Title Original Airdate U.S. Viewers (comments)
1. "The Impeachment" January 22, 2017

Plot: In the fourth-season opener, the truth comes out about Zachary and he is sent to jail. Because of this, Joe replaces Zachary as the class vice president and increases animosity with Gina. Trae is convinced to write a controversial article about Zachary. Rose returns as principal of Masters High. Trae and Mike, as well as Alex and Sydney, begin dating. The Glamazons decide to part ways, but Alyssa makes every clique her target. Singles:

  • Radio by Lana Del Rey (Trae)
  • Renegade by Styx (Zachary)
2. "The First 48" January 29, 2017

Plot: '​'​ Zachary faces a traumatizing experience in his first week in bars. Meanwhile, Carl contemplates the worst when his father faces time in prison for Eli's murder. The seniors take their senior pictures. Rose asks for a favor from Trae.


3. "'The Darkest Days of Our Lives" February 5, 2017

Plot: Gina and Joe refuse to communicate as the new class representatives. Meanwhile, Alex's cousin returns with shocking news. Carl is sent to a mental institution. Zachary is convinced to prove to the court that Felix's murder was manslaughter and self-defense. Singles:

; 4. "The Unknown Benefactor" February 12, 2017

'Plot: '​'​' Trae becomes hesitant about telling his parents about his relationship with Mike, so he bribes his mom with a reunion date with Rose gone awry. Zachary gets an unusual visit from an unknown source wishing to bail him out. Lily's surprise visit causes tension for Sis. A new student catches Sena's eye.


5. "The Homecoming" February 19, 2017

Plot:  Carl's return leaves him out of the loop for Homecoming week, while Brian tries to put on a good look for college scholarships. Kalleb and Iesha help Sydney with a dangerous tactic. Zachary relies on Andrew McAllister to get him out of jail. Trae reveals his sexuality to his parents.


  • Dopeman by Vince Staples feat. Joey Fatts and Kilo Kish (Carl and Trae with Iesha and Sena)
  • Paper Planes by M.I.A. (The Savages)
6. "The Thicker The Blood" February 26, 2017

Plot:  Facing tension with his mother, Trae sets a dinner date with Mike and his family, and his mom suddenly has a change of heart for her own benefit. Alex is asked to be Andres' best man for his wedding with Marisol. Zachary returns home under Andrew's wing. Joe orchestrates a new rivalry between Nate and Sydney.


7. "The Humbug" March 5, 2017

Plot:  Gina sets up a Christmas donation drive, but Joe's antics put things all over the place. Trae's family and Mike's family celebrates Christmas together. Rose asks for help to celebrate her daughter Ariel's first holiday. Singles:

8. "The O.C. Gone O.O.C." March 12, 2017

Plot:  Trae, Alex, and Carl go on a trip to Orange County during winter break for a week of college tours in California. Trae and Alex get involved in a fraternity row, while Carl believes that his mother is cheating on Eric with another man while he's in jail. Singles:

9. "The Wild Ride: Girls Night Out" March 19, 2017

Plot:  While Trae, Alex and Carl are still in California, Sydney, Gina, Sena and Iesha take a road trip to Los Angeles for Winter Break, but tensions and consequences come along with the journey. Gina and Sydney's friendship takes a turn because of Alex. Sena is revisited with fame opportunities that Iesha becomes jealous of. Singles:

10. "The New Year, Same Savages" March 26, 2017

Plot: In the fourth season finale, The Savages spend New Year's Eve together but many secrets come to light. Trae and Mike's relationship bothers Zachary. Meanwhile, Alex and Sydney's future is in jeopardy once Alex tries to admit his long term feelings for Gina. A shocking moment puts the entire Savages in awe.


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