Episode OneEdit

The Red Hot Cheer Peppers perform a song while practicing Pass That Dutch Footworkin'
There are public school performances Bad Reputation (Joe) Another Brick in the Wall (Alex)
Whip My Hair (Alyssa and Claudia)
The Savages perform a song in the final part of the episode Teenagers Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Alex gets in trouble Alex gets suspended by Rose for fighting, in a flashback Alex gets suspended by Jennifer for starting a school riot
The Red Hot Cheer Peppers' routines are ruined by Alyssa when... Alyssa falls Alyssa farts

Episode TwoEdit

Lily has a duet with another female character Hollaback Girl with Sydney Rip Her to Shreds with Sena
Joe and Nate perform a song My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Let Me Blow Ya Mind with Alyssa and Claudia
Two students fight Lily and Sena Sis and Brianna
Two guys are making out in the episode Brian and Vik Trae and Zachary
Trae is called to the principal's office Yes Yes
A member leaves a clique Zachary leaves The Jocks Trae leaves The Savages

Episode ThreeEdit

Alex performs a solo Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Controversy
Trae has a duet with a male character Ratchet Commandments with Zachary The Unforgiven with Alex
Someone plans something, but it backfires Trae plans an assembly takeover with The Savages, but it backfires Lily plans to expose Jennifer Gordon's past agenda, but it backfires
Someone is investigated first for a crime Trae, the video scandal Sydney, Felix's murder

Episode TwoEdit