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Season Three, Episodes 25-40
Season Premiere Mid-Fall 2015
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 Season Three of REBELReloaded's fanfiction series, The Savages, was confirmed to air in January 22, 2017 - June 11, 2017.

Season Three continues the events of Season Two. Since the first two seasons focused on the first semester and a quarter of the second semester, there will be a transition to senior year. It will focus solely on Trae's abandonment of The Savages and his sudden alliance with The Glamazons. 

The third season has fourteen main roles, with eleven of the characters reprising their roles from the second season, and three recurring cast members promoted to regular cast members: Travis Slotemaker (Brian Gustin), Sasha Pieterse (Sis Davenport), and Taron Egerton (Mike Daugherty). Meanwhile, Cameron Diaz (Rose De Vil) would return as a recurring cast member.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest StarsEdit

  • Kylie Minogue as Doreen Prescott



Image Title Original Airdate U.S. Viewers (comments)
1. "The Boy Who Cried Savage" January 22, 2017

Plot: In the third-season opener, The Savages disband during senior year, making Joe and Nate's supergroup The Glamazons all the rage. Alex attempts to resurrect the group, despite Carl, Gina, and Zachary's dirty deeds untold. Meanwhile, Trae replaces Maya as the editor-in-chief for the school newspaper.


  • Radio by Lana Del Rey (Trae)
  • Renegade by Styx (Zachary)
2. "The Trial and Error" January 29, 2017

Plot: '​'​While Alex continues his efforts of bringing back The Savages, but a change in evidence from Felix's investigation gives Zachary paranoia, while Carl's sudden disappearance concerns Trae. Iesha, Sis and Angelika take on a fiery cheerleading coach (Nia Long), who Matt tries to hit on. Sydney guides Sena on a new leaf after her scandal with Mr. Baldwin is exposed. Joe blackmails Nate into rejoining The Glamazons after deciding to quit.


3. "The Hunting Season" February 5, 2017

Plot: Trae succeeds in bringing The Savages back to find Carl after he runs away from Seattle. Zachary reveals to Sydney that he's responsible for Felix's murder. Alex's break-up with Gina comes to the light of everyone. The Sexxx Symbols attempt to find 'the new face' of their clique, and they consider Mike and Kalleb.


; 4. "The Ex-Files" February 12, 2017

'Plot: '​'​'​Trae's new power as editor-in-chief of the newspaper is tested when the consultant forces him to choose between his duty and The Savages. Gina and Alex consider relationship counseling. Brian, Iesha and Sena discover shocking files on Kalleb's computer that may tie to Jennifer Gordon's sex tape scandal.


5. "The Act of Dishonor" February 19, 2017

Plot: ​Joe becomes anxious by The Savages's revival, forcing him to mastermind a new rivalry with The Glamazons. Meanwhile, to avoid suspicious behavior, Gina decides to run for class president, making Zachary her vice. Alex and Sydney are accused of cheating on their SAT exams. Sena's return to The Red Hot Cheer Peppers sparks conflict with the coach. Kalleb makes a pact with Brian and Iesha.


  • Dopeman by Vince Staples feat. Joey Fatts and Kilo Kish (Carl and Trae with Iesha and Sena)
  • Paper Planes by M.I.A. (The Savages)
6. "The Opinions of Sheep" February 26, 2017

Plot: ​Gina faces pure competition with Joe, Nate, Viktor and Alyssa for the presidential class election. Trae does an article on Mike when his charity donations are acknowledged at the school. When Mr. Baldwin is charged as a sex offender, she must face the court with Gina's father as her lawyer. Rose returns, recovering from her pregnancy, to help Iesha and Kalleb fire Gordon.


7. "The Perks of Propaganda" March 5, 2017

Plot:  For the upcoming class election, Gina appoints Iesha and Kalleb as her campaign managers, but they use it to their advantage to demonize Principal Gordon instead of The Glamazons. Sena's daring decision to accuse Mr. Baldwin of rape may possibly make her famous. Trae confronts Zachary after months of distance from each other. Alex develops a closer bond with Sydney. Carl's father considers turning himself in for Eli's murder. Singles:

8. "The Doors of Perception" March 12, 2017

Plot:  The Moneybags and The Savages suddenly meet eye to eye as Trae and Mike's friendship strengthens, and The Glamazons seek retribution towards the group. Alex and Sydney keep their affair a secret. Joe's abusive relationship with his parents becomes the main focus. Carl reunites with Kyle at a therapy session.</span>


9. "The Race Card" March 19, 2017

Plot:  A racist outburst against Gina forces her to encourage the minorities at James A. Masters High School to vote for her. Meanwhile, Trae becomes uncomfortable when he meets Mike's indirectly prejudice parents. Alex and Sydney's fling is in jeopardy of exposure. Zachary revisits to his anxiety episodes. Joe opens up to Nate about his personal strife.


10. "The Vote" March 26, 2017

Plot: In the third season finale, the class election gets intense between Gina, Zachary, Joe and Nate. The Glamazons, meanwhile, slowly deteriorate. Trae and Mike unveil their feelings for each other. Alex and Sydney's affair comes to light by an unknown figure. Kalleb, Rose and Iesha finalize their plot against Principal Gordon. Carl's family is in deep turmoil, and Sena gets overwhelmed by the public attention.

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