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Season Three, Episodes 25-40
Season Premiere Mid-Fall 2015
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 Season Three of REBELReloaded's fanfiction series, The Savages, was confirmed to air in January 22, 2017 - June 11, 2017.

Season Three continues the events of Season Two. Since the first two seasons focused on the first semester and a quarter of the second semester, there will be a transition to senior year. It will focus solely on Trae's abandonment of The Savages and his sudden alliance with The Glamazons. 

The third season has fourteen main roles, with eleven of the characters reprising their roles from the second season, and three recurring cast members promoted to regular cast members: Travis Slotemaker (Brian Gustin), Sasha Pieterse (Sis Davenport), and Taron Egerton (Mike Daugherty). Meanwhile, Cameron Diaz (Rose De Vil) would return as a recurring cast member.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest StarsEdit

  • Kylie Minogue as Doreen Prescott



Image Title Original Airdate U.S. Viewers (comments)
1. "The Boy Who Cried Savage" January 22, 2017

Plot: In the third-season opener, James A. Masters High School enters their senior year, and the former Savages have separated. Trae decides to start a new leaf by joining the jocks, and he rekindles his friendship with Brian. However, Alex hopes to reunite the Savages in its time of need: to defeat the Glamazons' and its tyranny once and for all. Zachary and Gina face the consequences of their crime, and the result doesn't end well. Meanwhile, a new mystery takes over the high school,


  • Radio by Lana Del Rey (Trae)
  • Renegade by Styx (Zachary)
2. "The Trial and Error" January 29, 2017

Plot: Alex makes attempts to bring The Savages back together, despite Zachary and Gina's incarceration and Carl's abrupt decision to transfer schools. Sydney contemplates joining The Red Hot Cheer Peppers, and she meets her match. Trae plots a reunion between Rose De Vil and his mother, but the result backfires. Meanwhile, a disturbing set of videos of a staff member goes viral on social media.


3. "The Hunting Season" February 5, 2017

Plot: When Trae refuses to rejoin The Savages, Alex and Sydney try to bring Carl  back to James A. Masters High School. Zachary meets a surprising old friend in jail, while Gina's prison experience gets chaotic. Joe targets Kyler and Mike, convincing them to add on to The Glamazons. Meanwhile, Rose De Vil faces a possible removal from her duties after videos of her are exposed on social media by an unknown figure.


; 4. "The Ex-Files" February 12, 2017

Plot: Despite Alex's animosity towards Gina, his father becomes her attorney for her release from jail. Meanwhile, Nate becomes fed up of Joe's desperate motives and confides in former friend Sydney for advice. Brian, Iesha and Sena discover shocking files on Kalleb's computer that may tie to Rose De Vil's exposure.


5. "The Premeditated Escape" February 19, 2017

Plot: Trae and Carl goes on a risky mission with Eric and Spencer, while the former members of the Savages join along to rescue fellow friends, but sibling tensions rise between Kalleb and Sena. Meanwhile, Zachary faces a tough encounter in prison. Nate confronts Joe once and for all.


  • Dopeman by Vince Staples feat. Joey Fatts and Kilo Kish (Carl and Trae with Iesha and Sena)
  • Paper Planes by M.I.A. (The Savages)
6. "The Act of Dishonor" February 26, 2017

Plot: Joe becomes anxious by The Savages' triumphant revival when Zachary and Gina gain school notoriety prior to their return. Sis sets her sights on Kalleb, but tensions flare up when Iesha gets involved. Brian and Matt faces all-new competition with new quarterback, Jon. Rose and Nate form an alliance as an alternative from a week suspension for attacking Joe and the Glamazons.


7. "The Opinions of Sheep" March 5, 2017

Plot: Gina faces anxiety when she is forced to attend appointments with her therapist, while Zach is confronted by Trae for his hypocrisy. Kalleb becomes brainwashed by Sis's antics, and Sena tries to stop it before it starts. Carl suffers from paranoia. Meanwhile, Iesha becomes Sydney's new protege after Lily turns against her.


8. "The Truth and Reconciliation" March 12, 2017

Plot: The Savages merge with The Moneybags after putting an end to their year-long rivalry, and Mike sets his sights on Trae, who still harbors unusual affection for ZachRose and Coach Radnor discuss the future for their unborn child together, and the plans go awry. Carl's father becomes the face of Eli Hawk's crime investigation, and Alex contemplates reconciliation with Gina.


9. "The Doors of Perception" March 19, 2017

Plot: The Savages and The Moneybags develop an ultimate plan against the deteriorating Glamazons. Meanwhile, Joe faces issues of his own, dealing with his mother and father's abusive relationship. Rose goes on a date with Radnor. TraeSydney, and Alex are at risk of becoming people of interest in Eli Hawk's murder investigation, and Gina thinks of homeschooling.


10. "The Bough Breaks" March 26, 2017

Plot: A premeditated battle between The Savages and The Glamazons puts Rose in labor, but Coach Radnor is nowhere to be found. Nate finally turns against The Glamazons and returns to The Savages, but Sis seeks ultimate revenge. Trae and Mike's friendship evolves, but Zach tries to put a wedge between them. 


  • Cradle Rock by Method Man feat. Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopes (Carl, GinaIesha, and Trae)
11. "The Conspiracies We Believe" May 7, 2017

Plot: Kalleb's unusual behavior becomes an eye-opener for Iesha and The Savages, who believe that he is possessed. Rose receives devastating news. Sydney makes an interesting deal with Claudia and Angelika in order to take down Sis. Joe and Trae are forced to work together on a cumulative English project and tensions flare. Carl convinces Gina not to leave James A. Masters High School. Kyler sets up a seance to bring back Felix from the dead.


12. "The Kids Are Not Alright" May 14, 2017

Plot: Alex faces troubling news about his aunt, and Andres permanently moves into the Herreras' household. The Savages, meanwhile, are threatened by James A. Masters High's new set of deans while Rose remains on maternity leave. Trae and Joe's unusual reconciliation concerns Nate, Mike and CarlZach develops an attraction to his psychologist.


13. "The Osbournes" May 21, 2017

Plot: Nate digs into his family history to conclude if he's related to Ozzy Osbourne, and the results are surprising. Nate steps into Ozzy's shoes in this dream-sequence episode of the life and fame of the Osbournes. Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, and Jack Osbourne make special appearances.


14. "The School of Hard Knocks" May 28, 2017

Plot: The Savages become fed up with the new staff members of the school. Joe continues makes Sis and Angelika his puppets, instigating conflicts between the cliques. Trae fears commitment when Mike's mutual affection for him. Rose makes a deal with a charter school developer that may change James A. Masters High's curriculum. 


15. "The Dangers of Silence" June 4, 2017

Plot: Joe's constant manipulation derives from a shocking backstory related to his abusive parents, and Trae intervenes. Sydney confides in Watermelondrea to join her alliance against Sis. Carl loses his breaking point when Kalleb spurs rumors about Carl's sanity. Gina becomes paranoid of the possibility of being sent back to jail. Rose De Vil finally is united with her newborn daughter after she is in critical condition after labor. 


16. "The Bittersweet Aftertaste of Revenge" June 11, 2017

Plot: In the third-season finale, tensions in The Savages come to an all-time high as Kalleb becomes the target when his insidious behavior in the group comes to the light, but the blame goes to Sis. Alex and Sydney gives Carl advice on his decision of transferring schools. Trae's friendship with Joe takes an obvious turn. Zachary makes a bold move in front of the entire school, and it may jeopardize his future and the dynamic of The Savages.


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