Sena Demir is a recurring to main character in the first season of The Savages. In the second season, she has since been a series regular. She is based on Glee Wiki user, I'm S S and is portrayed by Lyndsy Fonseca.

Sena is a junior at James A. Masters High School and the captain of The Red Hot Cheer Peppers. Best described as rude, brutally honest, stubborn and witty in the first season. Even though her personality is unlikable by many of her teeammates, her close allies are Iesha Bennett, Brianna Townsend and Angelika Summers. Here, she is mostly popular for her sexual appeal, after rumors spread that she got plastic surgery on her body to impress other guys. However, in the Season 1 episode, The School For Scandal, it is revealed that she is having a sexual affair with Mr. Baldwin, the United States History teacher.

In the second season, Sena's behavior changes drastically from uptight and blatantly rude to depressed, nonchalant and desperate. Based on her tainted affair with Mr. Baldwin, her reputation starts to change once she feels her reputation as a cheerleading captain is worthless, especially after Sis Davenport joins the Red Hot Cheer Peppers.

Character DescriptionEdit

Sena is a the scandalous head bitch of The Red Hot Cheer Peppers, but often comes off as arrogant, brutally honest and that often comes with a price.

Early LifeEdit

Thus far, not much is known about Sena's life, although in Season 2, she reveals that she is of Portuguese descent. 


In the series narration, Trae introduces Sena as a member of The Red Hot Cheer Peppers. She makes her debut by leading a cheerleading routine for The Red Hot Cheer Peppers, performing Pass That Dutch. After a routine mishap, Sena's frustrations offend the team as she demands that the team does better with their performances, despite a lack of popularity in national championships. (The Mafia)

Sena's attitude rubs fellow teammate Lily Blossom the wrong way, especially when Sena antagonizes Alyssa Tanner for being a younger student. Lily's confrontation gives Sena the advantage to kick her off the team, that is until she and Lily get into a physical altercation. (The Devil's Protégé)

After The Red Hot Cheer Peppers convince her to bring Lily back on the team, Sena's proposal to her is rejected and they both confirm their mutual hatred for each other. Meanwhile, rumors spread around the school about Sena's plastic surgery. In a flashback from Trae's perspective, he tells The Savages that Sena enhanced her vaginal area to attract more boys. (The Boomerang Effect)

Sena, meanwhile, becomes infuriated with Principal Rose De Vil's updated rules prior to Brian and Slick Vik's video scandal exhibition. De Vil's rules stated that no extracurricular activities would be allowed until the scandal investigation closed. However, Sena realizes her favoritism towards The Redhawks. Aware of this, she confronts Rose with the cheerleaders, demanding their rights to club activities. But when Rose rejects, Sena blackmails her based on Rose's secret affairs with Coach Radnor. (The Feminist Manifesto)

Ironically, Sena has a secret affair with United States History teacher Mr. Baldwin, and the only person truly aware about it is Iesha, who warns her about continuing this, as well as an unknown figure with a video of the two in compromising positions. (The School For Scandal)

Although not intimated, Sena stands by Trae and The Savages with their premeditated riot at James A. Masters High School. With them, she and The Red Hot Cheer Peppers destroy property and attack until Trae is nearly shot to death. (The Psychological Warfare, The Beast Unleashed)

Sena continues routine practices with The Red Hot Cheer Peppers a month after the riot, but her attitude towards the girls remains evident. After Alyssa farts during a routine, she kicks her, as well as Claudia off of the team.

However, this backfires as new principal Jennifer Gordon enables a no-bullying policy after Alyssa and Claudia testifies harassment on the team. Therefore, Sena realizes that the team is slowly deteriorating and they are in dire need of new members. During tryouts, she rejects a myriad of girls until she is introduced to Sis Davenport, someone with a similar blunt personality. She decides to welcome her to the team, assuming that Sis knows about her alleged affair with Mr. Baldwin. Sena becomes less intimidating and more intimidated by her, especially when Sis antagonizes Sena's nemesis Lily Blossom. The two perform Rip Her To Shreds together, and calls a truce with each other to take Sis down together. Sena promises to give Lily her captain spot, as she implied she doesn't want it anymore, if she helps her get rid of Sis on the team. (The Scarlet Letters)

Sena's affair with Mr. Baldwin takes a toll on her, causing her to have daydreams, nightmares and paranoia; simply, it also affects her grades. (The Conflict of Interest)


Iesha BennettEdit

The relationship between Iesha and Sena has always appeared complicated, as Iesha doesn't seem to like her attitude, nor defend her in altercations; this is proven in the Season 1 episode The Devil's Protégé. However, Iesha and Sena seem to have mutual respect for one another and appear to be associates instead of close friends throughout the first season. Despite Iesha's kooky personality and snide remarks towards her, she has always been the wisest to Sena. She has advised Sena multiple times about her secret affair with Shane Baldwin, letting her know that she's reaching dangerous ground with him. Aside from that, she often teases her about it in front of the teammates.

Angelika SummersEdit

Although not much is known about Sena's relationship with Angelika, like Iesha, the two have mutual respect for each other during their time in The Red Hot Cheer Peppers. Angelika is well-aware of Sena's belligerent behavior on the team, but never calls her out for it unless she is provoked. But, the two seem to get along more than the others on the team.

Shane BaldwinEdit

Sena and Mr. Baldwin began their secret affair prior to junior year. Since The School For Scandal, their affair has been hidden a secret, until Iesha caught on to it, as well as an unknown figure, revealed to be Kalleb Banks. In Season 2, it is revealed that Sena has developed romantic feelings for Mr. Baldwin despite their complicated situation. However, Mr. Baldwin is presumably married with two children. This further affects Sena's sudden obsession and depression over him, affecting her grades and activities with The Red Hot Cheer Peppers.

Viktor NicholsEdit

Before the series, Viktor Nichols and Sena were dating, presumably from sophomore year to the end of junior year. Not much is known about their relationship and how it ended, but fans assume that this was the catalyst to the video scandal with Brian Gustin.

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