The Boy Who Cried Savage
Season Three, Episode One
Episode Guide
"The Glamazons vs. The Savages"
"The Trial and Error"
The Boy Who Cried Savage is the first episode of Season Three and the twenty-fifth episode of the series. The episode is written by REBELReloaded.

In the third-season opener, James A. Masters High School enters their senior year, and the former Savages have separated. Trae decides to start a new leaf by joining the jocks, and he rekindles his friendship with Brian. However, Alex hopes to reunite the Savages in its time of need: to defeat the Glamazons' and its tyranny once and for all. Zachary and Gina face the consequences of their crime, and the result doesn't end well. Meanwhile, a new mystery takes over the high school.



Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Hold On, We're Going Home Drake Alex Herrera
Turn Off The Light Nelly Furtado Rose De Vil
TBA TBA Brian Gustin and Zachary Foxx

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