The Hunting Season is the third episode of Season Three and the twenty-seventh episode of the series. The episode is written by REBELReloaded.

Alex, Sydney, Lily and Zachary go on the search for a missing Carl, but Trae faces a dilemma when he is forced to neglect The Savages at their time of need. Iesha and Sis vie for the cheerleading captain spot, while Sena is desperate to reestablish her public image. Rose returns back to James A. Masters High School with a new occupation: a guidance counselor, and she makes an unusual deal with Lily. Meanwhile, Nate and Claudia's friendship strengthens as they drift away from The Glamazons.



Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Hold On, We're Going Home Drake Alex Herrera
Turn Off The Light Nelly Furtado Rose De Vil
TBA TBA Brian Gustin and Zachary Foxx