The Savages. We aren’t just a gang, we’re a movement. We stand up for the people who don’t have the balls to stand up for themselves. Occasionally, it may not seem that way, but our actions and behavior have a purpose. When you’re told that you are setting a bad example, it offends you. When your advantages are taken away in a flash, it’s offensive. When your opinions don’t matter to people, you feel shut out. The only way to break out of your shell is to retaliate. That’s why we are who we are.

Trae via voice-over, The Mafia

The Savages are a clique at James A. Masters High School. They are a group of students who resist the school environment and the school policies, which have been enforced by principal Rose De Vil. They are well-known for their direct action and their rebellious attitudes. The group is led by Trae Ventura, who founded and created the group alongside Sydney Prescott and Nate Osbourne.


Group MembersEdit

Former MembersEdit

Songs Edit

Season One
Song Episode Solos
Teenagers The Mafia Alex, Carl, Gina, Joe, Nate, Sydney, and Trae
Clique The Devil's Protégé Trae
Run This Town The Boomerang Effect Alex, Gina, Sydney, and Trae
Young, Fresh N New The Wild Ride Alex, Carl, Gina, Joe, Lily, Nate, Sydney, Trae, and Zachary
Ready Or Not/Ready Or Not Alex, Gina, Lily, and Trae
Born To Be Wild Joe, Lily, and Nate
We're Not Gonna Take It The Beast Unleashed Alex, Carl, Gina, Lily, Sydney, and Trae
Season Two
Song Episode Solos
Everybody Wants To Rule The World The Alibi Alex, Carl, Gina, Lily, Sydney, and Zachary

Attendance Edit

Season OneEdit

Episode Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Trae Ventura One Active Suspended/Active Absent/Hospitalized
Two Absent Quit
Sydney Prescott One Active
Two Active
Nate Osbourne One Active Quit
Alex Herrera One Active
Two Active
Carl Touche One Active
Two Active
Gina Woods One Joined Active
Two Active
Joe Bender One Joined Active Absent Inactive Kicked Out
Lily Blossom One Joined Active
Two Active
Zachary Foxx One Joined Active Absent/Active Active
Two Active
Rufus King One Joined Inactive Active Quit

Trivia Edit

  • The Savages are the most diverse clique when it comes to sexual orientation, having four straight members (Alex, Gina, Rufus, & Sydney), three bisexual members (Lily, Nate, & Trae), and three gay members (Carl, Joe, & Zachary).
  • The order of joining of The Savages is listed in the pictures above. Trae founded the group, followed by Sydney, Nate, Carl, Alex, Gina, Joe, Lily, Zachary, and Rufus.
  • All of the members of The Savages have made appearances in every episode of the season so far, even when the new members were not members of the group.
  • As of now, The Savages consist solely of series regulars.
  • Trae, Sydney, and Carl are the original Savages who have recruited new members, with Trae recruiting Gina and Zachary, Sydney recruiting Lily, and Carl recruiting Rufus. Joe joins the group after The Savages ask him to following his announcement of his skills.
  • The members of The Savages seem to be better friends with those that joined around the same time they did or the ones they recruited, such as Trae being good friends with Gina and Zachary (who he recruited), Alex and Carl being best friends (since they joined around the same time), and Sydney and Lily being good friends (since Sydney recruited her). Nate was originally good friends with Sydney and Trae (who he joined as a founding member with), but drifted away from them after Joe joined, choosing to be his friend instead.
  • The Savages are the only clique at James A. Masters that has had members join following their exit or removal from other groups. Alex and Zachary joined after leaving The Jocks, and Lily joined after leaving The Red Hot Cheer Peppers.
  • Trae and Alex are the only members so far of The Savages to be from a different state originally. Trae is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Alex is from New York City, New York.

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