The Savages: Vegas Heist

Directed by


Produced by


Written by


Based on

The Savages television series (2015-2018)


Tahj Mowry
Logan Browning
Dylan O'Brien
Alicia Banit
Kyle Gallner
Taron Egerton
Alex Meraz
Nick Robinson
Logan Lerman
Lenny Kravitz Kim Kardashian Edward Norton

Distributed by

20th Century Fox

Release date

July 19, 2019

The Savages: Vegas Heist is a 2019 American musical comedy-drama film written and directed by REBELReloaded in his feature film directorial debut, and it is based on the 2015-2018 television series The Savages about a group of teenage delinquents in high school who riot against social issues and authority figures.

Unlike the television series, the reprising cast members are now adults. The movie centers around the former members of the Savages seven years after graduating James A. Masters High School. The members are foreced to come back together to for a premeditated heist in Las Vegas when their lives are threatened by an unknown figure. 

The movie will be released in theaters on July 19, 2019 in the United States.


After James A. Masters High School has been officially closed down, two years after The Savages graduated and the school was set on fire, The Savages have not communicated with each other as a group ever since.


Trae Ventura is currently a staff writer of Rolling Stone, author and music producer after recieving his bachelor's degree in Digital and Print Journalism. He and Mike are engaged and live in a loft together in Los Angeles. He still communicates with Alex, but has not made the effort to communicate with the other members of the Savages.


Sydney currently raises her two daughters, Sophia and Francesca by herself. She was married to Kyler Chase for two years until he went into the Air Force and was killed. After his death, Sydney refused to relive the moments of James A. Masters High and has stayed to herself. She works as a modeling agency representative, and Sena is one of her clients.


Because of her criminal records, Gina chose to go to community college for the first two years and continued her education at Seattle University. She currently works as a English teacher for the high school ten minutes away from the former James A. Masters High School. She is single and not with Alex, to whom is dating Sena.



Note: Cameron Diaz, Leighton Meester, and Luke Bilyk do not reprise their roles for The Savages: Vegas Heist. 


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