Trae's Quotations are quotations made by Trae Ventura, portrayed by Tahj Mowry.

Season OneEdit

The Savages. We aren’t just a gang, we’re a movement. We stand up for the people who don’t have the balls to stand up for themselves.

Trae via voice-over, The Mafia

Trae: You know, there’s always one thing I despised about rich kids like you.

Felix: Oh, really, what’s that?

Trae: They’re not funny.

Trae and Felix during a cafeteria confrontation, The Mafia

My mother didn’t have to be a prostitute to become rich.

Trae to Felix, The Mafia

Trae: The hell do I look like asking somebody on a date?

Sydney: How do you think I got my first date?

Trae: Chokehold.

Trae and Sydney, The Devil's Protégé

Hello. You have reached the voicemail of Trae Ventura. I am not horny right now so please leave the message after the tone.

Trae while dodging a phone call from Dirty Dan, The Devil's Protégé

Brian: What the hell are you looking at?

Trae: Irrelevance.

Trae and Brian in the school library, The Boomerang Effect

I even heard that he masturbates to Brokeback Mountain.

Trae about Brian, The Boomerang Effect

I’m allergic to almonds—all nuts. I might also be allergic to you, 'cause you’re nuts if you think I’m responsible for that video.

Trae to Rose, The Feminist Manifesto

You see, I was never taught to call a girl out of their name. I’d never call them a bitch because my mother taught me to respect women and appreciate who they are.

Trae during his Feminism interview, The Feminist Manifesto

Trae: Where's my money?

Alex: W-w-what money? Did you drop it out of your pockets.

Trae: No, I think you dropped it, along with your head.

Trae and Alex, The Wild Ride

Alex, unless it’s Pamela Anderson’s boobs or Taco Bell, you don’t like anything or anyone.

Trae to Alex, The Wild Ride

Aye, yo, Ed Sheeran! Can we have some motherfucking service in this bitch?

Trae to Kyle, The Wild Ride

Alison: Asshole.

Trae: Get your head out of it, honey!

Trae and Alison, The Wild Ride

Everyone has a motive, an alibi to protect their inner self.

Trae to Joe, The Wild Ride

Kyle: I did want to thank you guys for being Good Gas’s first customer since I’ve taken over.

Trae and Carl: First customer?

Kyle: Yeah, we haven’t had a customer since my dad gave me the place.

Trae: Damn, no wonder the place was emptier than a Vanilla Ice concert.

Trae, Carl, and Kyle, The Wild Ride

I’m like That’s So Raven. I’m a psychic. I’m like 90% sure a re-run of My Wife and Kids on right now, and I’m missing it!

Trae, The Wild Ride

Keisha: Do I look like a maid to ya’ll?

Trae: No, but you look like a bartender...and my future baby mama.

Trae and Keisha, The Wild Ride

I’m not ready to be someone’s bottom bitch.

Trae, The School For Scandal, a flashback to The Wild Ride

Everyone likes a good scandal.

Trae, The School For Scandal

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