Gina becomes fed up with the misogynistic attitudes the school boys demonstrate, after she is harassed by two guys at the movies, and she teams up with Lily Blossom and Sydney Prescott to create the Femme Fatale. After Brian and Vik’s little video scandal takes over the school, Rose De Vil tries her hardest to determine who is responsible, and she targets Trae and Zach, who has feelings for Trae. However, Trae isn’t exactly aware of it, nor is he aware of Joe’s manipulative ways to get his power. Alex and Gina have rekindled their relationship, and well… Nate transformed into Breadquanda, inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race. Oh yeah, also, Rufus quits the football team and joins the Savages, but will he fit in?



It was almost midnight in Portland, Oregon—not as far from Seattle—the skies were darker than usual, and colder winds blew. The concrete highway roads were empty, until a large, black Chevrolet van drove away at a steady pace. The driver continued to keep his focus on the road, but his expressions demonstrated his uncertainty. He knew where he had to go, and he knew he had a job to finish; the only concern—departing safely. The driver sighed, lifting his hand closer to the volume knob to turn up the radio. A rare song from the 1960s began to play from The Kinks—“All Day and All of the Night.”

The driver was weary and willing to go back home, but it was already too late. He had to face the music; he was only twenty seconds away from his destination—Eli Hawk’s headquarters.

Eli Hawk was the most reliable mastermind of the drug market in Oregon. The driver felt pure butterflies in his abdomen, knowing he had to approach him once more. The driver in the black van stopped, as three men stood outside of Eli Hawk’s headquarters: a large, abandoned tan barn.

The driver looked at his right car window, as he saw Eli Hawk, a muscular, pale man with a buzz cut. His face was stamped with a large tattoo, followed by a large, visible scare around his neck. Hawk was accompanied by an obese Hispanic partner, and an African-American muscular partner.

The driver stopped his van, taking the key out of his ignition; he took a deep breath before exiting his front seat. As he opened the door, Eli Hawk stared him deeply in the eyes, and began to respond.

“It’s about time you came, Touché. Feels like I’ve been freezing my dick off waiting for your ass,” Hawk said in his very thick Italian accent.

Eric Touché, Carl’s father, was the driver. He looked at him nervously after his statement, but he refused to add to it. Eric approached Hawk and his two accomplices, who both held dangerous weapons in their pockets.

“You got the money?” Hawk asked aggressively. Touché nodded his head and he attempted to walk to his truck. However, Hawk stopped him, forcing his two accomplices to do the job.

Hawk stopped, demanding, “No. Montano, Scooter, you do it.”

Eric Touché stood next to Hawk, watching Montano and Scooter open the back of the black Chevrolet van. In the trunk, a leather suitcase sat directly in front of Montana and Scooter’s eyes. The two looked at each other, picking the suitcase up together and landing it on the ground aggressively.

“What the fuck? Take it easy,” Hawk yelled angrily. Montano and Scooter complied to Hawk’s demand, and Eric watched nervously as the two grabbed the suitcase, carefully placing it back on the ground.

As Montano opened the suitcase, they discovered the abundance of money, organized inside of the suitcase in $200 per stack. Hawk’s main goal was to receive $50,000 in cash. However, as Montano and Scooter counted the amount of money inside of the suitcase, Montano looked up in disappointment.

Montano spoke in Spanish, “¿Dónde está el resto del dinero?” He translated it, exclaiming, “There’s no 50 grand in here,”

Hawk gave an intimidating stare at Eric, who remained silent as Montano and Scooter sorted the money once more. Hawk walked towards the duo, pushing the dirt under his tan Timberland boots. He began to sort it, while Eric continued to stare in a silent, staid manner. Hawk looked up in angst.

“25 grand,” Hawk said disappointedly. He chuckled briefly and stood up, “I don’t know what type of shit you got in your motherfucking ears, but I told you I wanted 50 grand.”

Eric finally began to speak with confidence, “Take it or leave it. O’Connor said he’d get the rest. I can take it right back to him if you decline.”

Hawk continued to laugh, and he began to speak angrily, “Do you know who you’re fucking talking to, Touché? I don’t give a fuck what O’Connor’s pussy ass says…I want the rest of my money one way or the other.”

Eric replied, “So, you don’t want it?”

“--Do not fucking question me,” Hawk said with his eyes widened. Eric felt a little less intimidated, until Montano began to speak in Spanish once more.

Montano approached Hawk, responding in an encouraging tone, “Hawk, vamos a matar el coño.”

He grabbed the gun from his left pocket to point at Eric, who moved back in awe.

Hawk immediately stopped him, “Hey, yo, put the fucking gun down, and take your meds, man. You can’t go shooting him like that—he’s good people.”

“Montano—just put the gun down, man,” Scooter said with his arms crossed.

Montano held a tight grasp on the gun, with his fourth finger on the trigger. As he looked at Hawk, he sighed after placing it back in his pocket.

Hawk walked closer to Eric, lifting his hand on his shoulder. “Eric, my man, come with me,”

Hawk turned around quickly, snapping at Montano and Scooter to follow him. The two grabbed the suitcase as they entered the tan barn. The darkness began to concern Eric, who feared he wouldn’t see another day. As the group entered the barn, Hawk turned on the light.

Inside the abandoned barn sat tons of drugs, assorted and organized, from cocaine and meth in Ziploc bags to marijuana. As they continued to walk, Eric looked around curiously, but remained nervous to what may happen. They walked inside of an unusual area—pitch dark, despite a sudden noise.

Hawk stood in front of a puzzled Eric, while Montano and Scooter stood side by side. Hawk began to speak, “You know, Touché, you’re like a bro to me, so perhaps, I’ll set things straight—and you’ll be clear with what I want and when I want it.”

Scooter turned on the light—Eric was appalled with what he discovered. A barely clothed man, with wounds filled with blood around is chest. He hung from a rope with duct tape on his mouth. As his eyes were closed, Eric had no response—he didn’t know whether to escape or call the police. Either way, he knew there would be a consequence.

Hawk slapped the wounded victim twice, waking him up. The man muffled helplessly as he saw Eric in front of him.

“Help,” he muffled. He continued to kick until Scooter and Montano held his legs, controlling his movement.

Hawk walked around the victim, continuing to lecture Eric, “Big Worm always said, playing with money is like playing with emotions…”

Eric stuttered, “Who is Big Worm?”

“You haven’t seen Friday?” Hawk turned around and chuckled. “The fuck happened in your childhood, bro?”

Eric looked away, while Hawk circled the target. “This guy right here, Eric, is Mickey. You see, Mickey likes to fuck around with money like it’s a game of Monopoly. The funny thing about it, I let him do it, and now it’s time to get back what’s mine.”

Hawk grabbed a baseball bat, sadly torturing the victim. Eric cringed at the sight, and Hawk continued to lecture him.

“Mickey’s a mouse all right—this cocksucker had all of the sources to take me down and fuck with my money. He tried to escape to Vegas, taking trips to Miami, buying things that you and I can't even fucking pronounce.”

Hawk ripped the duct tape aggressively off of Mickey’s mouth, and he began to yell helplessly, “Hawk—I swear, I will give you back all of your money. I swear, just let me go, I can—”

“Shut him up,” Hawk interrupted and demanded to Montano and Scooter, who grabbed a pocket knife to stick into his wounded skin. Mickey grimaced in pain, “Ah, fuck!”

Hawk walked to Eric, who remained concerned, “Whenever you work for me, there’s no going back. Since you’re my peoples and all, I don’t want to see you like this guy, 2 minutes away of pure torture and execution…”

“…I’ll take the 25 grand, but we expect 25 grand more in our faces in 48 hours or less. If not, I’ll re-introduce you and that O’Connor kid to your new fuck buddy over here—”

Hawk pointed at Mickey, who had another piece of duct tape on his mouth.

“Got it?” Hawk asked.

Eric looked at Hawk, and hesitantly complied, “Yeah, I’ll let O’Connor know by the morning,”

“Yeah, yeah, sure,” Hawk said. “Get the hell out of my headquarters.”

Eric looked back and suddenly exited out of the barn. Hawk turned around to Montano and Scooter, and Mickey, who began to cry. Hawk turned to his right, staring at a large bottle of gasoline. Mickey turned his eye to his direction and shook his head, muffling “No, no, no.”

Hawk quietly grabbed the gasoline, opening up the cap and throwing it all around Mickey’s body. He stood in front of Mickey afterwards, and demanded, “Get rid of him,”

Scooter grabbed the lighter after taking a smoke, and he moved the flame from the lighter to his skin. Fire began to augment on Mickey’s entire body as he screamed in excruciating pain.

Hawk watched like a movie, smirking at the moment.


Eric couldn’t get the thoughts out of his head—what was he going to do? What did he get himself into? As Eric drove home, the only thing he began to worry about was the fate of his family.

A couple of minutes later, Eric arrived back home, entering his garage outside of a nice home. After exiting the van, he opened the trunk. Inside, he hid $25,000, half of what he owed to Eli Hawk. As he stared at the money, he kept it in the trunk, in a safe, hidden place. He closed the trunk and entered his house without hesitation.

Eric walked quietly inside of his bedroom, while his wife, Karen, was sleeping. Minutes later, he changed, wearing no shirt and pajamas. While Eric carefully wrapped himself under the covers, Karen slowly woke herself up.

“Honey, you’re home?” Karen said softly.

Eric replied, “I’m here, honey. Go back to sleep,”

Eric wrapped his arms around Karen while she closed her eyes. Eric looked up, continuing to worry; he sighed.


You have just read the first scene of The Wild Ride: Wild & Unrated Edition.

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