Snowflakes collapsed to the ground, adding on to the coated pavements near the neighborhood. The flakes landed on the tinted, refurbished windows of James A. Masters High School, slowly melting into water. It was just a few weeks after the riot began. Winter break was over—a new semester just begun.

Students stood inside of the gymnasium for their recess break—since it was cold and snowy. Everything looked and felt so divided; The Red-Hot Cheer Peppers’ clique got smaller. The Jocks’ clique got smaller as well. The Sexxx Symbols stood flirting with random girls. The Moneybags were barely close to each other.

All of a sudden, there were the sounds of footsteps approaching the gymnasium, to the point where there was utter silence.

There were at least twelve students, walking side-by-side, strutting through the gymnasium with no shame.

A surprised Sydney Prescott looked up in awe, while she sat next to a somber Zachary Foxx. Alex Herrera and Gina Woods cradled each other back and forth with laughter, until Alex stopped and noticed the mob of students walking inside.

It was intimidating, and the other cliques stared. Other cliques were angry, disappointed, or careless.

Lily Blossom was polishing her fingernails with a red lollipop twirling around her mouth. Her blue eyes looked up and the nail polish and the lollipop dropped at the same time.

The unknown group of people continued to walk to the middle of the gymnasium, close to the bleachers where everyone sat.

Carl Touché moved his body to the left, moving towards an isolated Trae Ventura, listening to music with his Beats Headphones. He looked at the group before he lifted Trae’s earphone and softly whispered in his ear.

“Uh, mayday, mayday—I think we have a problem,” Carl said.

He placed the earphone back on his right ear. Trae slowly looked up; he didn’t look as happy or confident as he did before.

But his facial expressions changed as soon as he saw what he knew would be competition.

From behind two students, there was Viktor Nichols. He walked inside with a furious expression, his eyes turned towards Zachary.

Rufus King was right next to Viktor. He looked straight at Alex, cracking his knuckles.

There was Claudia Wu, one of the outsiders of The Red Hot Cheer Peppers—she turned herself towards Sena with a very intimidating gesture. The other cheerleaders looked in confusion.

Then, Alyssa Tanner walked next to her. Very small, not as intimidating, but her mind was set on the Red Hot Cheer Peppers as well. She hated them and she stuck her tongue out at the cheerleaders.

Walking next to her was Cass Everett, the sweet girl everyone respected in the Moneybags—she was still that girl, but she wanted her revenge: to take The Moneybags down once and for all.

Right in the middle was Nate Osbourne. His face was covered with eyeshadow. His eyelids were black, and his hairstyle was unkempt with a resemblance to Adam Lambert. He stared evilly at Sydney.

In the middle, there walked Joe Bender, with a brown leather jacket covering his Rolling Stones logo shirt. He smirked at Trae—he was ready for war.

The remaining members of The Savages looked intimidated. The new group stood in the middle, in front of the Savages. The Savages stood up from the bleachers, looking at each other in confusion. They slowly approached the group, and Joe walked in front of Trae.

With an evil smile, “Hello, friends.”

Trae looked back at Sydney, who rolled her eyes and looked at Zachary, who looked at Alex, who looked at Gina, who looked at Lily, who looked at Carl, who looked back at Trae. Everyone behind Trae looked right at him.

This was going to be a problem.

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All-new season, coming soon.

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